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Expect a really different shopping experience at Netto

Netto Formal Opening
Mayor Councillor Neil Black and Mayoress Mrs Linda Black cut the ribbon to declare Netto is formally open! Morten Moberg Nielsen (Netto UK MD) and Dave Charlton Store Manager are joined in celebration by Lucy, Abby, Mia, Dylan, Callum, Max, Leah and Ellie from Hedon Primary School

A REALLY DIFFERENT shopping experience for the area can be expected at the new Netto store. Customers from across the district were certainly excited about the opening, with the first customers turning up before the doors opened at 8 am and the store then being very busy throughout the day.

Morten Moberg Nielsen (Netto UK Managing Director) and Donovan Cooke
Morten Moberg Nielsen (Netto UK Managing Director) and first customer at the new store, Donovan Cooke

The first customer (see: Netto’s first customer), rewarded with a £5 voucher, flowers and a bottle of something special, and the honour of cutting the ribbon to open the store to other customers at 8 am was Donovan Cooke. Donovan (82), who is the Vice Chairman of the Hedon and District Royal British Legion Branch, told us that he was keen to be early so that he had an opportunity to speak to the store manager about obtaining permission to use the store for the annual sale of poppies. He and his comrades have been selling poppies in the lobby of the shop building for years. Donovan was delighted to get a positive response from the store manager, but bowled over to be the first customer! “I felt like a VIP”, said Donovan carrying two bags of shopping in complimentary souvenir Netto carrier bags. And his verdict on the new store? “It’s wonderful! I’m Really happy. I used to go to the old Netto on Hessle Road. This is much better!”

Store manager Dave Charlton (37) who describes himself as a ‘Hull lad’ explained what customers can expect from the new Netto.

Dave Charlton Netto“We’ve got a fantastic range of products on offer all at great prices. Our instore bakery has people baking throughout the day right into the early evening so you can expect freshness. And that’s what is different from the old Netto; the new emphasis is on fresh food, meat and bakery products.

“Our spot deals which launch every Thursday include a real variety of different things on special offer. This could be anything from toothpaste and tweezers, through to bird tables and photo paper. Customers will really love our spot deals because it will be a bit like a treasure hunt.

“And look out for the products with yellow labels marking those products with the ‘Scandinavian twist’ from our curried herring, biscuits and other products and, of course, our Copenhagener seeded bread – they’re really nice! It certainly will be a really different shopping experience for people in Netto.”

The store might have been open at the scheduled time of 8 am, but the formal opening took place later and had a civic touch with the Mayor and Mayoress of Hedon asked to officiate. Extra special guests at the opening were eight students from Hedon Primary School. They all joined in with store manager Dave Charlton, and Netto Ltd’s managing director Morten Moberg Nielsen in cutting the ribbon and Mayor Councillor Neil Black declared the Hedon Netto store open.

The children then went on to visit Scotty the giant Netto dog made from 86,000 LEGO bricks!

Scotty Netto dog with Hedon Primary School Children

There were lots of opening offers on with complimentary samples available to try. Mr Bobbles was also on hand to make balloon models for younger shoppers! And meanwhile, the Netto Band played on!

Visit: www.netto.co.uk

Photos with thanks to Netto and Rachel Cliffe

4 thoughts on “Expect a really different shopping experience at Netto

  1. Too small, no room to move in certain areas due to poor layout, limited choice, big queues at the checkout. Very disappointing, wont be going back in a hurry!

  2. It will be interesting to see what happens once the honeymoon period is over! I went to the store on Saturday evening for a few essentials and found the place to have an air disarray. They seemed to have run out of many basic products with gaps in the displays where items had not been restocked. There seemed to be few staff on the premises.
    What is of more concern to me is that one of the products I bought, a meat product was discovered to be out of date when I got home!
    An aquaintance also told me she picked up some bread on the day the store opened and whilst waiting at the till discovered it was mouldy!
    How on earth can this happen in a store that has only been open a few days?
    I will only be using nettos on an emergency basis in future and even then, with extreme caution!

    1. I think it’s worth pointing out that the overwhelming trend of opinion seems to be that Netto provides a great new shopping service to the town.

      Where there are complaints or suggestions for improvements, I would suggest that people contact Netto directly at http://www.netto.co.uk/contact-us/. This will ensure that they are logged through the company’s complaints and compliments system and responded to appropriately by the company. Unfortunately, we can’t verify complaints via Hedon Blog.

  3. I am very pleased to have a large supermarket again the variety of goods is good as we can now get our daily groceries as well as weekly shopping without going to hull

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