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Netto’s first customer – Donovan Cooke!

Netto is open
NETTO Hedon… is OPEN!

Donovan shoppingThe first customer in the new Netto store was Donovan Cooke (82). Donovan (centre in the above photo) a stalwart of the Hedon Royal British Legion, had the honour of cutting the ribbon to officially let customers into the store.

Joining Donovan in celebratory cheers, were store manager Dave Charlton, Netto managing director Morten Moberg Nielsen, and other staff members.

Donovan was given a £5 voucher to spend in the store whilst the first other 19 customers were given a voucher for a free gift. Donovan said he felt like a VIP. And his verdict on the new store? “Really happy! I used to go to the old Netto on Hessle Road. This is much better!”

More on the formal opening of the store on the Blog tomorrow. In the meanwhile – go and visit the store for yourself! See the giant Netto Scotty dog – made from 86,000 LEGO bricks! Free samples and music from the Netto band. Open until 9 pm tonight!

4 thoughts on “Netto’s first customer – Donovan Cooke!

  1. Netto …… Bakery products good, fruit and veg good, but won’t be doing the weekly shop there, will just use as a convenience store for the odd thing.

  2. I really can’t believe they gave Donovan a measly fiver!! I would have thought at least a decent value voucher would have been appropriate or a trolley dash or something. I also see that the flowers were a £5 bunch straight out of stock looking at the photos. What a miserly thing to do – wonder if we should invite the MD to be a baddie in the Hedon panto this week? 😉

    Finally, they made a big song and dance about “20 new jobs created in Hedon”. They conveniently forgot to mention the 50 Co-op staff that were made redundant when the old store closed. Even with my rubbish maths I get that to be a net loss of 30 jobs……. (or should that be a Netto loss of 30 jobs?)

    1. Exactly my feelings too Mr Bagnall,If the Store had been opened by the other Donovan, the Scottish singer and song writer, it would have cost Netto an arm and a leg!,
      What more is wanted than to have a local Man to open the store, at 82 years of age our Donovan deserves better than a measly fiver.

  3. Very pleased with my shopping experience today at Netto
    A vast array of quality products /produce at great prices, just what Hedon needs.

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