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Dog poop bag dispenser success?

DOG WALKERS along Love Lane, Hedon may have seen – or even used – the dog poop bag dispenser located at the top of the lane? The dispenser system has been piloted by Hedon Town Council in efforts to reduce dog fouling incidents in an area considered a ‘hot spot’ for the problem.

Hedon pilot - poop scoop bag dispenser
Hedon pilot – poop scoop bag dispenser

The dispenser holds packs of strong, durable and degradable ‘dog gloves’ which are specially designed for the task. And whilst responsible dog owners always take collecting their dog’s mess seriously, there are occasions when the lack of a poop bag leads to the mess being left.

Poop scoop bag dispenser JRB EnterpriseCouncillor David Thompson, himself a dog walker, has promoted the system and says that a visual study of the area since the dispenser was installed has shown an improved situation along Love Lane. He is so impressed with the results that he has suggested the pilot be extended to cover another ‘hot spot’ area.

At the Town Council’s budget meeting next week it is to be proposed that because of the promising results finance is found to provide a dispenser in the Westlands area.

Dog fouling remains one of the biggest points of complaint regularly received by any local council! The vandal-resistant, poop bag dispenser would seem a relatively low-cost and low maintenance option (less than £100 to buy, plus installation costs and regular buying of supplies) to reduce incidents  – but critics would argue that the onus should be on dog-walkers to provide their own bags and enforcement measures taken to prosecute those that allow their dogs to foul the streets and public places.

What’s your view and experience?

6 thoughts on “Dog poop bag dispenser success?

  1. New poop box on Elsiegate fence, nice idea, but having just walked by it, it was full of used!! dog poo bags!! It might be vandal-resistan but some dim wit’s have decided it’s a bin. I think a bin close by might be an idea.

  2. As most people know, I am owned by black lab Jack and we have had 11 years experience walking in and around Hedon. I have always bought my own bags, and can see where people are coming from when they balk at the council funding these dispensers. However, one good point (especially if they roll it out across other popular dogwalking areas) is that nobody has the right to say ‘Oh, I didn’t have a bag!’ when challenged on their failure to clean up. No excuses! The DNA test being trialled by some councils is interesting, too – if probably prohibitively expensive…

    1. Is there a dispenser situated anywhere on Inmans estate?,If not, then there should be, because I for one are getting Pig Sick of having to clean the footpath in front of my property, Can I bill Hedon Town Council for a replenishment of a tin of Jeyes Fluid, and a new Brush please, OH!, plus the cost of my valuable time.
      Here’s me having to fork out to Hedon Town Council, by paying for gloves to help somebody with a dog who is too bloody lazy to help themselves.
      If I ever find the culprit who is allowing their dog to foul anywhere they choose fit, I aim to post the muck through the owners letter box………… Jim Uney.

    1. If there is one thing that makes my blood boil when I’m out for a run or a walk, it is seeing dog poo in a bag left out in the open. What is the point of leaving it in something that takes 1000 years to bio degrade, you might as well just leave it.

  3. One councillor voiced his concerns by saying that if you own a dog you should provide a bag not the council. They will decide at the budget meeting next week when they set the precept(the amount residents pay to the council). However I thought the town clerk said the boxes cost £275 each, or am I wrong.

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