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Progress on Horsewell restoration

Horsewell Pond site - Nov 2014EFFORTS by Hedon Town Council to restore the Horsewell Pond on Ivy Lane into a sustainable pond has taken up many articles on this blog over the last 4 years. But this time Councillor Terry West seems quietly confident that the major part of that task can be achieved before March this year.

Note: the work has to be completed before March which is when the great crested newtone was found at Horsewell in October 2012 – becomes active after its 4-5 months hibernation and heads to ponds to breed.

Councillor West has led on a scheme which will lead to constructing a ‘holding tank’ at the site which will retain the water that naturally drains to the site for much longer.

The work is expected to begin on the Horsewell before the end of January 2015.

3 thoughts on “Progress on Horsewell restoration

  1. The amount of energy and discussion there has been about the horse well is unbelievable. Over the years we have been assured (by experts!) that this time it is achievable and that a proper lining of clay or other materials would retain the water. It is the first time I have heard of the possibility of a “retaining tank” and I wonder how much more successful this proposal might be than earlier efforts. I have come to the conclusion that sometimes we cannot hold onto things forever and it’s better to call it a day. In that context I trust that this will be the last (and I hope successful) effort. I wish the council and Cllr. West every success in their work on this.
    By the way do the great crested newts read this blog and appreciate the efforts being made on their behalf!

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