European Voting – There’s an election on (in case you hadn’t noticed)

IT’s European Elections voting tomorrow – here we sum up a view of the election campaign from a local perspective…

Europe leafletsWE’VE all had bundles of leaflets through the door – and there’s even a few election posters about. But do we really care who gets elected as Members of the European Parliament tomorrow?

UKIP certainly seems to be at the centre of many parties campaigning strategies, and of the election leaflets delivered in the area, we have had a specifically anti-UKIP leaflet distributed too.

There has been a spate of party political broadcasts on the TV – some of them trying hard to inject humour and passion (even song).

The debates seem to be about:

  • Jobs (claims and counter claims whether 3 million jobs are dependent on Europe or not)
  • UKIP (is it racist?, is its leader Nigel Farage anti-Romanian? – Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight seemed very keen to discover this – is UKIP threatening Conservative or Labour heartlands?)
  • Immigration (a good thing or bad thing?; freedom of movement across European states, or more restrictions?)
  • And – no surprise here – whether we should stay in the European Union or not!?

Of the 10 parties standing, at the time of writing, only 5 have delivered leaflets locally. The Siemens investment in Hull and Paull has featured in some local campaign leaflets but that seems to be the sum-total of any attempts to vaguely ‘target’ Hedon and the local area.

On the Hedon Blog in this election we didn’t invite candidates or their parties to specifically send us statements. But if we had done, we would have asked – what difference does the European Union make to Hedon? What moral or physical benefits will a vote for you/your party bring to Hedon folk?

So – who to vote for tomorrow? It’s not easy to make your mind up! The old traditional party loyalties certainly seem to have been stretched over Europe, and there’s no guarantee that traditional voters will vote… traditionally!

Cynically speaking – perhaps we need a 7th Yorkshire and Humber MEP elected tomorrow who should represent all the non-voters in tomorrow’s elections? That MEP should be someone who doesn’t care, never turns up, never votes, is puzzled by Europe and European issues, and quite frankly doesn’t give a damn!

This is not to moan about apathy – but rather to highlight a cynicism that does really exist. It’s not that people don’t care, rather that they don’t trust, believe or understand what is on offer. It is a vacuum in politics… and we all should be concerned about what might fill that vacuum!

EUROPEAN ELECTIONS: There are 10 political parties standing candidates in Yorkshire and Humber and no independents. A list of candidates is included in the official European Elections – Notice of Poll (PDF).

Simply put an X (a cross) next to the party that you wish to vote for.

Voting takes place THURSDAY 22 MAY 2014 between 7am and 10pm at the HEDON METHODIST CHURCH, Church Lane, Hedon, HU12 8EL.

2 thoughts on “European Voting – There’s an election on (in case you hadn’t noticed)

  1. It is always important to vote, especially in this election as this one is under the proportional representation system.
    Don’t vote and the far right can get elected, this is your say as an elector.
    Your vote affects how things are run. Our very own UKIP councillor voted against a petition to save our local NHS services and also also against the new green industries in the Humber region.

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