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Co-op on rumours of store sell-off

THE CO-OP has responded to our query about its rumoured closure….

Co-operative Hedon rooftop

FOLLOWING PERSISTENT rumours in the area that the big Co-op Store on Hull Road was being sold off to Aldi, Sainsbury, Morrisons, etc and amidst lots of media coverage of problems at the Co-op nationally, we asked Co-operative Food for a comment to confirm or deny any plans.

John Hall, from the Customer Careline Team, responded:

“The Co-operative Food has a clear vision to be the best local food retailer in the UK and over the coming years our main focus will be to develop our existing convenience estate of 2,000 stores.

“We aspire to increase our numbers of smaller stores significantly and over time we expect the balance of our estate to be much more concentrated within the convenience sector. It would be wrong to assume, however, that we are automatically going to sell our larger stores, including our store on Hedon Road, Hull.

“We regularly consider the performance of our entire estate and on a business as usual basis this will lead to us buying and selling stores as a matter of course.”

So does this scotch rumours of a sell-off!? It would be ‘wrong to assume’ an automatic sale says Mr Hall – but as local residents, we are still left wondering if it is being considered!?

5 thoughts on “Co-op on rumours of store sell-off

  1. I agree the answer to the question was vague and not to the point, guess we’ll have to watch this space.

  2. Over priced, yes. But sometimes, still cheaper than the 8 mile round trip to ASDA for a couple items.

  3. You learn something every day, I honestly didn’t know there was a Co-op store on Hedon Road, Hull, Or is it the bloke doesn’t know where his stores are?

  4. Do everyone a favour and sell. Overpriced and almost impossible to understand the layout of the shop. Welcome aldi.

  5. They haven’t replied to the question at all! Their staff seem to be under the impression that it is being sold off, I wonder if they are just speculating too?

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