Information sought on Preston South Village Hall

A PRESTON Parish Council meeting in March resolved to seek information about the Preston South Village Hall on Princes Avenue…

A PRESTON Parish Council meeting in March resolved to seek information about the Preston South Village Hall on Princes Avenue. We are hoping readers of the Hedon Blog might be able to provide some useful information about the Hall too!?

According to residents speaking at the meeting, it is believed that the parcel of land upon which the Hall was built was given to the local community by a private landowner for community benefit. The Hall was built around 1960 and was originally managed by a committee of local parents. It was last rented out to a boxing club a few years ago who didn’t need the kitchen area and so removed it.

The Parish Council meeting heard from local residents that the building was now an eyesore. One resident suggested that the local community should come together again as a group to discuss the future of the building. Another suggested that it ought to be demolished and the land made into a car park.

Councillor Mike Bryan who was present at the meeting agreed to seek guidance from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council about what could be done with the building and also see what information was available on its current owners.

The Hedon Blog was sent a press release, a letter or a leaflet in January 2011 saying that the Hall was being leased to an organisation that intended to run martial arts classes for children and adults. It stated: “The Village Hall Committee agreed to this action in the hope that this would revitalise the run-down building,” which we published at the time.

Apparently a lease was granted for 12 months and the leaseholder agreed to pay for refurbishment and improvements at the Hall.

We never heard anything about the Hall again.

Are you a local resident from Princes Avenue or Preston South? Do you have more information on its history? Perhaps you have an opinion to share about the building? 

5 thoughts on “Information sought on Preston South Village Hall

  1. I was on the last village hall committee and we tried to get interest in anything we did at the hall but we never got people interested ….We renovated it with funds we raised over the years …but funds run out and we had to let it go into a state of disrepair which is sad …my next door neighbour build it with other people in the 1950,s but he died 12 years ago and unfortunately so have all the other people that built it ….at the moment it is an eyesore and would very much like to see it demolished as there is no funds to do anything with it….end of an era for some people ….

  2. I remember the “hut” being built on land given by the owner (a Mr Robson) to the residents. My brother Peter said he will have a word with you Ray at the weekend.
    Regards Rena (Crum)

  3. I would also like to add, that there was originally a marquee there before the village hall, where they used to hold fancy dress competitions which my auntie used to be invited in. And also Christmas parties that my mum and dad used to attend. Would be good if it could be put to good use either a drop in centre for people to meet up or for coffee afternoons.

  4. Here here jan. The community want to use it but need funding to rebuild. The land was given to the residents so there is no owner. My father was the last chairman and would be happy to help with info and give an explanation of the current situation. If you would like his number you can get in touch. Thanks
    sarah waugh

  5. I would like to see the hall, re built and put to good use. My grandad was one of the people who originally help build the hall. And I used to live next door to it. My children and I have lots of good memories spent there. And would be good for other people to have those memories and enjoy good times there. I am sure that something good could come of it been rebuilt and furnished.

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