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Yellow fenced estate – Gas Works!

Fences here… fences there… yellow fences EVERYWHERE !!!

ARGH!! GAS WORKS – and residents see red…. er… YELLOW.

YELLOW has certainly been the ‘in’ colour on Westlands Estate in Hedon during the last week as hundreds – nay, thousands! – of yellow fences criss-cross the area as Northern Gas Networks (NGS) carry out pipe-replacement works.

NGS say that customers should not be experiencing any interruptions to gas supplies and will do everything they can to minimise inconvenience – as they dig up the pavements!

If anyone does have any questions or concerns, the NGS Customer Care team can be contacted by e-mail on customercare@northerngas.co.uk or on 0845 634 0508 and pick option two. They also are on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Yellow fenced estate – Gas Works!

  1. I’m sorry but if it makes sure that the gas pipes are up to date a little inconvenience for a few weeks is worth it. This coming from a mum with 2 kids one of them still in a pram. Honestly with the exception of a few places they’ve tried to make sure only one side of the road is blocked at a time.

    1. Thank heavens, someone with a bit of common sense rather than a shedload of self-pity :).

  2. Yellow Fences have been stashed away for the Easter holidays with the current phase of work having been completed – but work on other parts of Westlands will start again on Tuesday 22nd April!
    Yellow fences stashed away for Easter

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