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What’s On? – Newsletter? – Into Print? – What do you think?

Our What’s On? at Easter page prompts thoughts about a Hedon Community Newsletter or Magazine……

AN ADVANTAGE of a website like the Hedon Blog, is that you can quickly try ideas out and get some audience feedback before investing lots of time, effort and money into a project!

Our What’s On? section over on HU12 Online continues to be one of our most popular pages, whether that be from local residents searching to see how they might spend their time, or indeed visitors from outside the area looking for things to do.

What’s On? at Easter – Click image for PDF version

We would like to get the contents of our What’s On? page to an even larger audience than now – whether by reaching those people not already on the internet, or perhaps reaching out more to those that are on the web, but don’t yet know about our website community here on the Hedon Blog.

We have quickly put together this page featuring some of the activities going on over the Easter period. What do you think?

Hedon Newsletter or Magazine?

But this exercise did make us think once again about producing a larger publication. The What’s On? section could be a page in a larger document – a newsletter or glossy magazine perhaps!? Covering local news, events, sports reviews, interviews with local people in the news, creative arts, entertainment, food and drink, etc, etc.

Whether a newsletter of 16 – 20 pages, or a single page, we would like to print thousands of copies and circulate them to every house in Hedon! But we could produce a smaller number to be picked up from public places instead. Or indeed we could keep it as an online publication circulated by Facebook, Twitter and other social-media.

The extent of its offline reach really depends on the number of those local businesses that opt to advertise with us on HU12 Online! But whatever the role of advertisers, we are keen to eventually produce a printed version of some of the events, news and features that readers seem to enjoy.

Some questions for readers to consider:

  • Would you like to see a printed community newsletter printed every month?
  • Would you donate towards its upkeep – say a monthly direct debit of £1, £10 or more?
  • Could you volunteer some time to news gathering, writing, or promoting the publication?
  • Would you pay for it if on sale in the shops? (Tricky question – it depends on how good the publication is, but please let us know if you think this might be an option).
  • Would your community group or business pay for an advert in its pages? (Again a tricky question – but our aim would be to make advertising affordable to smaller groups and local businesses, with the aim being to publish community news).

The motivation for producing a newsletter or magazine is the same as that for producing the Blog – it’s about getting useful information out to local people and building community! But for a printed publication we need to create a careful plan for economic viability.

Over to you….? What’s your view?

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