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THE CONTRACTORS packed up and moved away the temporary vehicle ramp-way on ‘Farbank’, Draper’s Lane yesterday (in the fields beyond the tree line, adjacent to, but not accessible through, Holderness Grange) – and although with a warning to kids and parents that it’s still very *muddy in the proximity, it looks like the new skate park extension is complete!

The skate park extension has been built by Hedon Town Council at a cost of £95,000. A formal opening event is expected to be held next month.

Skate park extension 1 Skate park extension 2

*The ground where the construction vehicle track has been lifted is currently very muddy in parts and the grass needs time to recover and grow again.

7 thoughts on “New skate park extension in Hedon

  1. I have been up and had a look at the new skate park, its made me remember my own experiences as a youth in Hedon we had very little back then but we did have the youth club attached to South Holderness school,I always thought as we grew up and had kids of our own the facilities would grow and get better and better however this doesn’t seem to be the case. The New Skate-park and playground area could be the beginning of something really good that we can look back on with pride in years to come..
    I would like to propose that we make the place even better adding some sort of night lights its pitch black up there as soon as it gets dark. I would also like to discuss the possibility of extending the facilities to include a new youth centre offering services to our youngsters 7 days a week, maybe a coffee bar with facilities for entertainment once a week, permanently staffed with youth officers both employed and voluntary offering kids the help and assistance they need to get on in life. I really believe the youth club we had as kids made me a better person , we held regular events for special needs kids which enabled us to see what things were really like for these people, this in turn had us sticking up for them in school against the bullies … this is one example.of the benefits to be gained. I feel there’s nothing for our youngsters and they are almost an afterthought. The Alexander hall was built to fill the gap or so we were led to believe this has become a business and offers little if anything for our youth. Come on Hedon lets for once stand together and see if we can really make a difference. Could we get funding from lottery …could it generate enough revenue to be financially independent, could we pay a little extra to the council to provide the facility if so how much ….need help support and assistance …come on COUNCILLORS your children need you.

    1. A few years ago the community I live in invested in an all weather surface for the local youth, we also installed lighting which is turned off at 10pm. Some people living in the vicinity thought there might be more rowdiness, fighting and littering than we’d been experiencing but this hasn’t happened, probably because the youngsters have used up so much of their energy on their sports activities.

  2. Looks good, but a little bit unfinished, will the side bits be seeded/turfed or a proper path put in to access it at all times of the year???

  3. Top marks all round for catering for the excess energy of the in- betweenies who’re too old for junior play areas.

  4. Maybe it should be named ‘Lindop Park’. Some of the local lads went to Jim with the idea of extending the old skatepark. He took an avid interest in the idea, met with the lads for ideas and plans and oversaw the whole project from design stage to completion. Hats off to Jim

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