Colin BillanyCOLIN BILLANY has published his election statement on the Hedon Blog.

Mr Billany has rejected the notion that there is a place for national politics on Hedon Town Council. “I will stand for the everyday person, no matter what political views they have.” He says he will remain “independent from national policies that may cloud local issues.”

On last year’s resignations from the council, he says: “One of my aims is to bring the Town Council back to the community by making it more accessible. After last years infighting people see the council as a group of people looking after their interest and not the community of Hedon.”

On the development of new housing in the town: “Protect the important green areas from being developed in the future, if possible working with housing developers to find land to build new properties within Hedon’s town boundaries.”

Mr Billany is the second of the candidates to bring the Alexandra Hall into the election debate: “Using Alexandra Hall better and making it the community hall it was built for, by allowing all members of the community to use the hall for functions, events and meetings of clubs of all ages.”

But he is the first of the candidates to refer to Hull and its City of Culture celebrations and its potential for Hedon: “Promote the history of Hedon to a wider audience especially now that Hull will be the City of Culture in 2017.”

Read Colin Billany’s full election statement at Colin BILLANY, Independent.

There are four candidates standing in the election:

♦ Colin BILLANY, Independent.
♦ Stephen John GALLANT, Labour Party Candidate
♦ Brian STOCKDALE, Labour Party Candidate
♦ Terry WEST, UK Independence Party (UK I P)

The Hedon Blog will bring you news from the campaign at BY-ELECTION Thursday 6th February 2014.

8 thoughts on “Candidate, Hedon Town Council: “No place for national politics in local politics”

  1. It really doesn’t matter if a candidate is affiliated to a political party as long as those candidates have the best interests of the town at heart.
    This morning I asked the UKIP guy that posted a leaflet on Romanian and Bulgarian immigration what that had to do with Hedon Town Council, he said I should look at the UKIP website to see what the position on local matters, what a curious reply.
    Labour, Conservative, Liberals and Greens all have mandates at whatever levels of government, local and national, I’m afraid UKIP can only focus on spiteful hate and fear.
    At least the Labour candidates have focussed on local issues in their campaign.

  2. Colin, the policies of the Tory led County Council and Coalition do impact Hedon, for example the decision to cut all the projects in development at last weeks council meeting. And there are several Conservatives on the council already.. they just masquerade as ” independents” when they are in fact card carrrying members of the Tory Party… and vote accordingly as last weeks decisions show… Are you just another closet Tory ?

    1. Well as an ex Tory you cant say im biased but what are we talking about here, i don’t think any of this relates to Hedon Town council, party politics are pretty much irrelevant when deciding who cuts the grass, I think you are referring to ERYC were if im not mistaken nobody masquerades as independents it was quite clear at the last election who was with which party, what people are saying is party politics dont really come into the running of a small town council, as town Councillors you have no control over bedroom tax, benefit cuts or the national debt or even the cost of living crisis. I’m beginning to wonder if you have any idea what is involved with running the town council Steve.

      1. Its not just about cutting the grass Neil. The council should be involved in planning for Hedon’s future and improving what ameneties we have. I believe last weeks council decision to kowtow to Beverley at the expense of several projects is driven by some councillors poiltical perspective rather than Hedons best interest..So councillors political views do affect how the town is managed and why things have not been progressed.

  3. I received my Poll Card today (Monday)and wish to point out that for anyone wishing to apply for a postal vote they must apply before 5pm this Wednesday the 22nd of Jan, On the19th of Dec I asked what the rush was, I suggest ERCC have done it again!
    Will the Town Hall hearing aid loop system have been updated in time for the public meeting on Thursday 23rd of Jan, or is the update part of the improved facilities for disabled people as described as costing £4,000 in the latest precept figures…

  4. I tend to agree, national politics should not play a part in local Town issues, but occasional this may happen such as planning issues or green energy.
    Alexandra Hall is only linked by the use of the Town Hall toilets, however some of the costs are shared, not equally I may add. The council have no control over issues concerning the Alex Hall but I do agree that its facilities are not used fully.
    Plans are already in place to refurbish the toilets and then to apply for a wedding licence for the Town Hall, which to my mind makes the Alexandra Hall a perfect venue for the reception, hopefully using local businesses such as photographers, flowers shops and caterers, a bonus for all involved.
    As to helping local developers find areas to build on, I believe there is a development plan in place which identifies sites to which the council put forward to the ERYC its preferred options. I think this was over 119 houses before 2025. However I could stand corrected.
    As to the council been accessible, I always tried to push for the Hedon Blog to be involved, much to the objection of some councillors when I first started, but I have always said to the people I have discussed this with in Hedon, its your Town Hall and the council are there to serve you, you may enter the Town Hall council chamber and listen to any council meeting unless in camera (private), that’s why they have to advertise the times of meetings and agenda items.
    Occasionally such as this coming Thursday at 7 pm until 7.30 pm there is a public meeting, were for 30 minutes you can ask them questions about their performance or issues about the Town.
    So if you want to ask a question or just listen attend this Thursday evening at 7pm.

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