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Election leaflet campaign – Labour’s Steve Gallant and Brian Stockdale

Labour’s election campaign to get Steve Gallant and Brian Stockdale elected to Hedon Town Council is on…

TWO ELECTION leaflets for the Hedon Town Council election on Thursday 6th February, arrived within an hour of each other today (Saturday 18th January 2014).

Labour-Election-Leaflet-Jan-2014-pg-1_thumb.jpgLabour’s leaflet, supporting Steve Gallant and Brian Stockdale, hit out at “the farce” they say has characterised Town Council proceedings last year. They say that the council should be supporting local services and improving the town, rather than “infighting among themselves”. The candidates say that instead they offer “responsible representation”.

Away from the internal affairs of the Council, the Labour leaflet says that Hedon Town Council should be more proactive in helping residents “fight the town’s case with East Riding Council where cuts imposed by the Coalition are having a dire impact on local services.”

The leaflet challenges the decline in services as a result of the spending cuts and says that there has been a lack of vision for Hedon’s future. It points to a lack of investment in the town’s infrastructure and says that a plan is needed to tackle the serious problems of parking, traffic and flooding problems.

The leaflet says: “Hedon needs more affordable new homes which get blocked because it also needs the investment in parking, roads and drains to be made NOW!”

The leaflet has been scanned and reproduced below.

Labour Election Leaflet Jan 2014001

The Hedon Blog aims to bring you news from the campaign at BY-ELECTION Thursday 6th February 2014.

10 thoughts on “Election leaflet campaign – Labour’s Steve Gallant and Brian Stockdale

  1. More homes? Sorry but I think you’ll lose a few of us on that one. It’s ok for people with big houses and huge gardens to say they want further development, but for those of us with no – if any – outdoor space we rely on the green areas of our town to use as our backyard for sports, walking, larking, all these and more (snogging!). Many of the newer residents of Hedon I meet in the shop moved here because of the sense of us being a small town in a rural area – keep building and these people will move to the villages. I’ve said it before – do we want to simply be a dormitory town for Hull? I know most people’s answer to that one. And no I’m not a ‘closet Tory’ as Steve has so charmingly called it elsewhere!

    1. Hi Lucy, As I’ve said elsewhere on here, the priority is to improve Hedons amenities for the people who live here. There are over 7000 of us who live here, and thats double waht it was 30 or 40 years ago. But the council refuses to do whats required on parking, tree planting, restoring Horsewell Pond, etc. All postponed indefinitely at last weeks precept meeting, so they can continue to get the £2 per head East Riding grant them. That to me is shortsighted, and irresponsible But the Tories on Hedon Council seem to be keener to keep Beverley happy than address the work we want ot see done to improve Hedon for all.
      I agree protecting Hedons green spaces is key, I’m lucky enought to live in te middle of much of it. But if Hedons population continues to grow at 10% every 10 years we will have to find land somwhere

      1. Hello Steve, thanks for your prompt response :). Where does the figure 10% in 10 years come from? It’s risen by far more than that in the 5 years I think – Leaf Sail alone must account for a large percentage. There are no shops, pubs, community amenities there and if you don’t have a car it’s a fair trek into the centre (it’s almost a sub-dormitory village in itself). But I agree with you over resources; I just don’t want it to be at the risk of losing the unique feel of the ‘old’ Hedon (maybe I am a closet Tory lol).

        1. According to the Census Hedon increased from 6300 to 7100 between 2001 and 2011.so thats 12.7% if we’re going to be precise… but that underlines my point .We need investment to address the fact Hedon’s facilites havent kept pace.
          Leaf Sail could really have done with the Shuttle bus service to the Square and Coop that got scrapped at last weeks council meeting, something that would really help reduce the parking and traffic problem as well as those who dont have cars. But the Tories on the Council say we cant afford it. Well I’m told the costings showed it would put 55p/week on the precept. Now thats a big increase, but I think it would be very good service for the town and would be widelty used…I Would support it if elected.

          1. This bus service is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard of as a way to reduce traffic congestion, people who drive and pop into the town for a pint of milk or bit of shopping or visit the dr will not wait to catch the bus …this service will only benefit people who don’t have cars and cant get into town, the old or disabled who already get an allowance for mobility. its a huge increase on the precept and it would make no difference to the parking/congestion problems. What they should be looking at is building a proper medical center away from the town center which would instantly see a reduction in traffic problems i believe there are over 100 staff alone from the two surgeries all needing parking facilities, they could use Rosedale which has ample space for parking and amalgamate the two Drs. You cant keep building houses and old folks homes without improving the infrastructure its ridiculous. maybe one of the fields down ivy lane(callie) would make a suitable building plot …haha

  2. Why does Hedon need any more homes?
    Is there really a shortage of homes in the area, I wouldn’t think so, I’m sure there’s enough affordable housing down the road in Hull.

    I feel this election pledge really lets these two candidates down and will probably lose them votes.

    As a resident I would like to see the town council sort out the towns parking, press ERYC to make sure more roads in the town get gritted in winter. Also Hedon Town Council should be lobbying KC to bring their fibre optic Lightstream service to the town, like Brantingham and Victoria Dock Parish councils have done.

    1. It’s sad the Labour candidates have taken this stand regarding planning, it’s not a vote winner for me. Got to agree for the need for faster broadband, Thorngumbald and Paull have it but Hedon doesn’t, come on candidates, how about putting this on the agenda.

      1. Hi Phil, We’re trying to adopt a policy of real and full names as far as possible on the Blog. Just helps when trying to create a trusted forum ‘community’. As a regular commentator, if you can give your name and surname it would be most appreciated 🙂


        Ray (Editor)

      2. Phil, Good point re Broadband. As we are a captive audience for KC in this area, I’d be more than happy to take this up with KC. On growth, Hedons population has doubled in recent years. It grew 10% just between 2001 and 2011. So the council need to be proactive about the balance of housing approvals. But we;ve grown quickly and that has put pressure on drains, parking and so on. Those challenges are the priority for me.

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