POLLING DAY to fill the TWO VACANCIES on HEDON TOWN COUNCIL will be THURSDAY 6th FEBRUARY 2014. Voting date HTC 2014 brown

There are FOUR CANDIDATES standing for election.

  • Colin BILLANY, Independent, from the Westlands area of Hedon.
  • Stephen John GALLANT, Labour Party Candidate, Ivy Lane, Hedon.
  • Brian STOCKDALE, Labour Party Candidate, from Inmans, Hedon.
  • Terry WEST, UK Independence Party (UK I P) from the north of the town.

The Hedon Blog will offer each candidate up to 500 words to explain their reasons for standing and to state their case why residents ought to vote for them.

A BY-ELECTION button will be introduced on the top menu of the Blog and this will take you to the website page that will cover all the news from the campaign.

Visit: Hedon By-election 2014

7 thoughts on “FOUR candidates for Hedon Town Council By-Election 2014

  1. As a electorate I don’t see any problem with party politics entering the town council, most councillors on town or parish councils where I’ve lived in the past have been members of political parties. Maybe if there were no Independents on the council, maybe the issues that have caused this by election may never have happened.

  2. I’m told there will be polling cards sent out this time. Which is good news and should help turnout.
    Also, people should know they have 2 votes (for the 2 vacancies). If you only vote for one candidate, your not having as much say and effect as those who vote twice.
    So use BOTH your votes… ( preferably for myself and Brian Stockdale of course ! )

  3. It is good to see 4 candidates for the election, however I don’t think it is right to bring party politics into a Town Council, this has never been the case with Hedon Town Council, it should be local people debating and dealing with local issues not along party lines.

    1. I agree jim, party issues are really irrelevant to town councils, I hope candidates are not just using this opportunity to further their political careers as I suspect some may be! ! Looking forward to reading statements of intent .

    2. Jim, Independents aren’t really independent are they ? Three of the “indies” on Hedon Council are card carrying Tories. And others are more “left leaning” . At least as Labour you know where I am coming from.

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