"Don't blame me!"
“Don’t blame me!”

SO WHAT WAS the mystery noise that woke many residents up and rattled some windows at about 3:40am on Thursday morning 9th January 2014?

The noise which sounded like a single rumbling explosion, which some say was accompanied by a single brilliant flash of light, has caused some controversy on our Facebook page and in local media.

Carol Cook said: “Sounded like thunder to me, but it was a bit strange because it was only one very loud noise that rumbled for a few seconds and then no more after that.”

Gemma Gray disagreed: “I didn’t think it sounded like thunder… Me and my partner thought it was an explosion or a plane crash or something… I couldn’t get back to sleep after it and kept thinking I might need to evacuate!!”

Sarah Sharpe: “Thought it was another earthquake at first, strangest thunder I’ve ever heard. Seemed to go on for ever!”

Donna Richards: “It sounded like an explosion over the top of my house!”

The Met Office has said there was no storm over East Yorkshire, or other near-by counties, at the time the noise startled people from their sleep, which would seem to rule out thunder.

Dr Michael Martin-Smith of Hull and East Riding Astronomical Society has suggested that it could have been caused by a meteor, but hundreds of additional people were watching the skies Wednesday night / Thursday morning as part of the BBC Stargazers project and there have been no widespread reporting of unusual meteors.

The mystery deepens!

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2 thoughts on “What was the mystery thunder noise??

  1. I can’t believe with all the cctv in hull there are no images of this “meteorite” even given that there probably arnt any pointed directly at the sky, you would still be able to see the path it took by the light generated from its passage & conclude if it was a meteor or not! The Russians were very quick in releasing there cctv footage last year why isn’t hull city council doing the same!

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