Off Saltend Roundabout - Paull Road Google Map
Off Saltend Roundabout – Paull Road – potential development area? (Google Map)

A PLAN to build a Park & Ride near to Hedon (Preston South), to ease congestion in Hull, has been reported today by the Yorkshire Post. The report says that Hull City Council has secured £70,000 towards developing plans for the project which the newspaper describes as being earmarked on land “off the Saltend Roundabout” to the East of Paull Road.

A scheme was proposed by Hull City Council in 2009 to construct a facility at another local site (the former airfield) in the East Riding near to Hedon. It would include:

  • A 650 space secure car park
  • 25 cycle parking stands
  • 6 motor cycle stands
  • A terminus building

A planning application on the scheme submitted by Hull City Council to the East Riding Council in April 2010 was withdrawn after planning officers there recommended its refusal.

This time, however, because of other developments taking place in the vicinity of the Saltend Chemicals Park linked to Green Port Hull and the Humber Enterprise Zone, it would seem to increase the likelihood of the new scheme proposal gaining the necessary approvals.

5 thoughts on “Park & Ride Plan revamped

  1. We are losing green areas in Hedon at a worrying rate. There’s usually kids larking about on this field, dogwalkers and ramblers enjoying the open space…we’re encouraged to get out in the fresh air more. Where – along Hedon Road? Surely there’s plenty of ‘brown’ sites that could be utilised. We do not want to become an undefined Hull suburb…do we?

  2. I agree with Neil, every time this has been talked about I have mentioned the car park already constructed just off the fly over on Salt End Lane, originally used by Vivergo Fuels construction staff. It is on ABP land so why don’t Hull City and East Riding Council negotiate to lease the land as a park and ride instead of always pushing to build on green field sites. What about the old Fenner site as an alternative or the old Maternity Hospital site both within Hull City Council areas.

  3. Why here? Another field to go under concrete. There is wild life to thing about? or no one cares any more?
    There is plenty of unused industrial land to consider,like where the HCC were going to build the incinerator or the site that looks like a park and ride next to the BP entrance.
    It would be better to get the railway back up and running……but oh no roads are better!!!

  4. Isnt there already a park and ride , or similar type thing actually on the saltend property, looks unused as you pass by, couldnt the council have some negociations regards sharing this facility rather than destroying more greenspace, personally I feel this project to be a waste of time and money…could someone explain the benefits to me …I just dont get it.

  5. Its a great idea and would hopefully stop people using the car park at Johnsons corner as a park and ride facility and free up much needed parking spaces for people shopping etc in Hedon.

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