HEDON TOWN COUNCIL have posted Notice of the vacancies on the council caused by the resignations.

The Notice stipulates that a by-election will be held if 10 electors give notice in writing to the Chief Executive’s Office of the East Riding Council claiming such an election.

An election needs to be claimed by Monday 9th December 2013.

An idea borrowed from community activists in Preston when successfully claiming an election is to email the following to the East Riding Council:

(Add Your FULL name & address in Hedon)

Deborah Sedman
Electoral Services
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA

(Add Date: )

Dear Ms Sedman

Re: Vacancies for Hedon Town Councillors.

I would like to submit this request that the above vacancy is filled by an election.

Yours sincerely,

(Add Your name)

Please confirm by return e-mail that this request has been received and is acceptable.

E-mail this request to deborah.sedman@eastriding.gov.uk

You can write a letter, sign it and send, to:

The Chief Executive of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall,
East Yorkshire
HU17 9BA

If those requesting an election could indicate on the Hedon Blog that they have done so, then this would be helpful in recording the number of requests sent to the East Riding Council.

UPDATE 22nd November 2013 based on advice from Mathew Buckley Head of Legal and Democratic Services at East Riding Council.

Please note, while it now seems very likely that enough residents will claim an election, a CONTESTED election will only take place if enough candidates are found (i.e. at least three) to compete for the TWO SEATS available.

If three people or more stand there will be a poll held with people able to vote; if only two stand they will automatically join the council and deemed to have been elected.

17 thoughts on “Claiming an election for Hedon Town Council

  1. If it is true that certain councillors have less than a 20% attendance record for council meetings then they should resign. For whatever reasons if a councillor cannot attend most meetings they should step down and allow someone in who obviously has more interest in the position. I would go as far to say that there should be a minimum attendance record (figures need agreeing on) to remain on the council.

  2. There is a public meeting on thursday at the town hall can I ask all people who want a full election were all councillors stand down to attend , we can then make our demands direct to those councillors concerned .

  3. 2 more requests sent from our household. The councillors who have been the cause of these disgraceful events should seriously consider stepping down and taking their narrow minded views elsewhere! Hedon deserves better!

  4. Mr Mathew Buckley, who is the Head of Legal and Democratic Services at East Riding Council, has contacted us to clarify the following regarding ‘Claiming an Election’, he says:

    “I think I should make the by election process clear as the intention of those calling for an election appears to be that there is a contested election.

    A contested election does not automatically follow a petition for an election. If any election is called a poll is held i.e. people are asked to vote only if there are more candidates than there are seats. If there are an equal or a lesser number of candidates than there are seats then those persons who have been nominated as candidates are automatically elected without a poll.

    I apologise if I appear to be stating the blindingly obvious but I don’t want those who have petitioned for an election to be disappointed if there is no poll in the event that an election is called and there are, for example, only two candidates for the two seats.”

    I will update the main article above with Mr Buckley’s clarification. At least three candidates need to stand in order for there to be a contested election.

    1. There are plenty of candidates should they all stand down, no one wants to stand for fear of the same thing that happened to the mayor and anne suggit , we need a full election to restore confidence

  5. My husband and I have sent a request but also stated that a full electiin is needed and that co-option should not be an option.

    1. That seems like a very sensible precaution under the circumstances. I would also be very interested to see the resignation letters and the letters from those accused of the vendetta. These may clarify whether those involved in the vendetta should be barred from future office!

  6. an election should take place with all councillors standing down this is the only thing that can restore confidence , this about 10 people sending a letter in is only calling for an election for the 2 seats vacated !!!! not for a full election.

      1. They’re elected for the full term, I think council elections are coming up in the Spring. I for one have no confidence in half of the councillors that are left, they are an absolute disgrace and I’m sure most of the electorate in Hedon also see this.

  7. May I point out that the notice posted by Hedon Town Council on the 19th of this month is advertising A vacancy for A Councillor to fill A Vacancy caused by A Resignation., There are no plurals ! ……… Jim Uney.

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