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Price Watch November 2013 – Price rises!

Prices – All sing: “The only way is up!…”

Co-operative Hedon rooftopFOOD PRICES being watched as part of our Shop Watcher exercise have experienced the biggest changes this month so far recorded!

In this continuing year of austerity, shopping carefully has become essential – particularly for those families on a tight budget. Our Price Watcher exercise is following the prices of four staple food items in the Big Co-op on Hull Road. Note: These are often different from prices in the smaller Co-op Store in Hedon’s Market Place which charges convenience shop rates for the same items in many cases.

Prices in November 2013:

Item Price November 2013 Change from last month Change since Jan 2013
Milk – Co-op 1 pint  £0.50p    
Margarine – I can’t believe it’s not butter (500g)  £1.89  +0.09
Bread – Co-op Wholemeal (800g)  £0.95    +0.06
*Carrots – Co-op (*1kg)  £1.10  +0.35
Totals  £4.44

Butter has risen by another 9p (when not on offer) and carrot choice and price has diversified. A 500g bag (with 50% free i.e. 750g) was 75p, but the 1kg bag was the highest to date at £1.10.

There has been some comment in the media about food being wasted – is this an issue with any of the items purchased as part of this exercise? We have certainly thrown away older mouldy bread and discarded discoloured or sweaty carrots if not used quickly enough!

Carrot Prices in 2013:

  • Jan – 50p – 500g (This was a 50% offer price so we listed £1 as our bench mark in January – which in hindsight was a mistake!)
  • Feb – £1 – 500g
  • Mar – 50p – 500g
  • Apr – 85p – 750g (free 50% extra offer)
  • May – 90p – 600g
  • June – 88p – 600g
  • July – 75p – 500g
  • August – 75p – 500g
  • Sept – £1 – 1kg
  • Oct – 75p – 1kg
  • Nov – 75p – 750g (free 50% extra offer), and £1.101kg

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