Flickr group snip
An image snipped from the new South West Holderness Flickr group

FLICKR is a photograph storing and sharing program that is free to use by amateur and professional photographers alike.

After discovering a Flickr community group page sharing images about Preston (the city in Lancashire, not the village in East Yorkshire), the Hedon Blog has decided to follow suit and open a South West Holderness community group to share images from local photographers of Hedon, Paull, Preston, Thorngumbald and the other small villages, hamlets and countryside around the area.

This is a public invite to all local photographers to join Flickr, then join the South West Holderness group and share your images of our beautiful area with a wider audience.

We’ve made no rules for the group yet, but ask that people play nicely and initially look to upload photographs that positively promote the place! We might decide on a more social-documentary theme at some point… but for now, just positive images please 🙂

In time it is hoped that members can organise their own competitions and online exhibitions – and perhaps real-life exhibitions – of photographs through the community group.

You can join Flickr at this link:

You can find more about the service here: Frequently Asked Questions about Flickr

And you can find the new Community Group at:


photo takingAbout Flickr: We have used it on the Hedon Blog since 2009. In its basic form Flickr lets you upload a photograph and it can be stored safely online – you decide whether the photograph can be viewed by everyone, or kept private to family, friends or just you.

As an application to share photos, then Flickr provides you with a marvellous public photostream to display your images.

When you open a free Flickr Account you get an amazing terabyte of free storage – that’s one trillion bytes, or according to Flickr, that’s over 500,000 photos!

Hedon Blog uses Flickr to store photos, rather than have them clogging up the hard-drive, and to share images in articles as well – example, click the happy snapper featured here.

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