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Road Traffic Accident New Road, Hedon

Traffic accident at New Road and Church Lane junction this morning…

Casualty at scene
Casualty at New Road/Church Lane junction

TWO MOTORCYCLISTS a man and a woman were apparently knocked off their bike at the junction of New Road and Church Lane. One of the riders, the woman, initially appeared unconscious and at least two local residents rang for an ambulance.  Police had arrived on the scene promptly, also present was nearby resident, (also Hedon’s Sgt of the Mace – and retired policeman) Dave Young. Other local residents and motorists quickly helped close the road and alert other motorists to the incident.

The ambulance arrived about 35 – 40 minutes later, by then the casualty who was being cared for by passers-by, had regained consciousness but still seemed unable to move. She was taken into the ambulance and received treatment inside. The ambulance did not speed off so the injuries could not have been urgent.

Witnesses to the incident say that a black car was involved which left the scene quickly travelling up Church Lane.

Sarah Rommell, who lives nearby and is a local town councillor, was one of those who had rang for an ambulance. Sarah was concerned at the amount of time it took for the ambulance to reach the scene and said that she would be investigating the reasons behind this slow response time.

2 thoughts on “Road Traffic Accident New Road, Hedon

  1. 40 minutes does seem a long time – not enough weekend cover ? It is certainly a lot longer than papamedics are targetted to reach emergencies by..Hopefully the injurues were not serious, but what if that had been a serious heart attack they were responding to ?

  2. I hope the car driver goes to the police. There have been a lot of speeding cars around Hedon of late.
    Why have a ambulance station in Preston?, when they still have to travel a distance.
    An ambulance to take 40 minutes to arrive on scene shows the Government/ council cut backs are having an effect on services. It’s the rural communities who suffer and the poor ambulance driver who as to travel further to arrive at the scene.

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