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Steve Gallant – Labour Party Candidate, South West Holderness Ward 2015

Steve Gallant is a Labour Party Candidate for South West Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Election 2015.

Steve GallantI am standing for election to East Riding County Council and Hedon Town Council because I believe I can help make a difference to local residents quality of life. Councils are there to serve the community and provide many of the services we all need from cradle to grave. They should not be a deadhand, blocking progress, failing to invest for growth and our future and slashing care for the young and elderly.

I am a local man, my family, like many, having moved here from Hull some 40 years ago. After a long career in music and TV including being a director of major businesses like ITV, Universal Music and HMV I moved back to Hedon where my family still live.

I took early retirement and want to devote my time to serving my community. I’ve recently joined Hull Truck Theatre’s board to help them with their renaissance and run up to City of Culture 2017. But I think my years of senior business experience can be put to good use serving the people of South West Holderness.

Beverley may be booming, but this part of the East Riding has suffered from neglect by the Tory run Council. Our roads and parking need major overhaul, our schools face budget shortfalls and we have a lousy broadband service from KC.Using the risk of flooding, no affordable housing is planned (except for Preston which cant cope without better roads). But our councillors have focused on the wrong battles, like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

This area has huge potential, especially with all the new green jobs on Hedon Road.But we need investment to help us cope with the benefits it will bring. As a Labour Councillor I will be fighting to redirect investment to this area for our roads and parking, for better drainage, and some affordable housing across the villages and Hedon. I will vote to block any fracking proposals and defend our essential services from further cuts. I will campaign to get fast broadband for the area. And I believe we should campaign to get a local Health Centre to support our GPs work as we are so far from Castle Hill.

If you want a councillor whose values puts residents, our environment and our public services ahead of energy companies and landlords; who will fight to bring resources to help our area prosper rather than try to fossilize it, then please vote for me as your Councillor for South West Holderness and Hedon Town Council.

Leaflets issued in support of this candidate:
Local Labour leaflet 1
Local Labour leaflet 2

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  1. Q1 (in two parts). Vehicle Parking and new Housing: Hedon is an ancient borough with a rich heritage to consider, it also has an active constituency of the population that wishes to preserve the town’s green open spaces, so:

    a) How do we meet the modern needs for better vehicle parking provision in the town?

    b) How do meet the demand for more housing and affordable homes in the town?

    Candidates can reply to hedonblog@gmx.com or on the comments which are now open!

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