THE TOWN COUNCIL continues to receive lots of positive feedback on its Community Noticeboard. Placed centrally in the Market Place it is conveniently located for residents to find out about the latest events going on in the area.

The Town Council’s policy for notices displayed, is that local Hedon Groups get priority for use, but if space is available it can be used to promote activities in the surrounding villages.

Community Noticeboard 11th July 2013

BUT… unfortunately we can’t give the same glowing report about the Noticeboard at the Hedon Police Station on New Road. For some time now it has looked bare and forgotten. The notices contained within refer to December 2012.

Hedon Police Noticeboard

Note: Both photographs taken Thursday 11th July 2013.

3 thoughts on “Notice Boards – Vibrant and… forgotten?

  1. I see there is a new sign erected at the corner of Love Lane pointing down the lane. Very nice it is too but correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the spelling be “Bridleway” and not “Bridalway” as the sign says?

  2. Police notice board 21st August 2013

    I’m not one to nag… okay, yes I am! – but this photo was taken yesterday 21st August 2013. What is the point of having a noticeboard if it’s not going to be updated!?

  3. Come on Hedon based Police, surely you all can do better than this??
    (from Malc Ripley,President of SHCC and from Hull!?

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