Yorkshiew Water Waste Water Treatment WorksAN UPDATE has been received from Yorkshire Water’s Matt Thompson on the efforts of the company to control odours from the Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend.

Mr Thompson has explained that prior to yesterday (Tuesday 16th July 2013) the site had only one of its temporary mobile odour control units installed. This he admits has led to detectable odours for which he apologised on behalf of the water company.

Presumably, with the two mobile odour units in operation, there should now be better odour control? However reports of foul odours continue to trickle in to the Hedon Blog particularly via its Facebook Page.

One resident has complained tonight:

“The smell at 4.30pm outside is bad. We have had this for weeks now and it stinks. We are eating and drinking it, it’s making us all sick, my daughter is pregnant and doesn’t want to come anywhere near our house.”

Residents should remain vigilant (on the alert for odours) and any complaints should continue to be formally recorded at:

  • Yorkshire Water on their Customer Helpline on 0845 1 24 24 24
  • and/or East Riding Council on 01482 396301

However, as the numbers of formal complaints begin to stack up, then no one can now doubt that ‘the smell’ is definitely back! It may not be on the scale of the ‘stinking summer of 2011’ – but it is becoming an issue that is once again beginning to affect the quality of life of people living in proximity to Saltend.

We all hope that Yorkshire Water’s mitigation measures work. The formal reporting of complaints is still urged – however, it is becoming clear that for some, vigilance is not enough and patience is running out!

The complete update statement from Yorkshire Water sent this afternoon:

Odour Control Unit sq
Mobile odour control unit

Following the recent fire at our Hull waste water treatment works, which irreparably damaged the smaller of our two odour control units, we wanted to update you on the progress we’ve made to mitigate its loss and ensure we’re as well placed as possible to manage and control any odours from the site.

In the week following the fire, we successfully diverted some of the odours which were previously fed through the now defunct smaller unit, to the larger £3.5m unit, which continues to perform well.

As a temporary measure, we also brought in two mobile odour control units. These mobile units mitigate the loss of our smaller unit in the short-term and ensure we have the same capacity to control odours around the site as we did prior to the fire.

Prior to Tuesday 16th July, certain parts of the site were not fully odour controlled, and consequently, given the very warm weather conditions, there have been occasions when we’ve detected an increase in odours, which we’d like to apologise for.

We continue to operate odour masking sprays around the site when appropriate, and a regular programme of ferric dosing is further helping us to control any odours around the plant.

Whilst there is always likely to be some odour owing to the operational nature of the site – it’s one of Europe’s biggest waste water facilities which treats up to 40 million gallons of waste water every day, including a complex mix of trade effluent – we’ll continue to work hard to manage and reduce any odours as much as possible.

We’ll continue to provide you with weekly updates every Wednesday, which are also available from our website.”

Visit: www.yorkshirewater.com/saltend

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Water Odours: Vigilance urged… but patience wearing thin for some!

  1. I’m in the Marfleet area and get this smell nearly every night as things cool down a bit.The breeze of the day brings it in and evenings the breeze disappears and we’re left with this smell just lingering all night.I know it must be a problem for the water board and suppose it encourage them to send me a final demand for my water rates on the 2nd working day of the month,so as you may detect I think the service that is surplied is at it’s lowest and not good enough.


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