Handbag theft from car – Keep valuables out of sight plea!

PC Bob Pyle: “Don’t leave anything on display when you leave your car. Keep valuables away from the car or out of sight.”…

Leave valuables out of sight!

PC BOB PYLE has made a special plea for car travellers to keep their valuables out of sight when leaving their vehicles unattended.

PC Pyle was giving a crime report at the Hedon Town Council meeting last night and has given the advice following a handbag theft on Sunday 2nd June 2013 from an unattended car outside the cemetery on Ivy Lane. The victim was visiting the graveyard when criminals threw two bricks through the driver’s window and pinched the handbag which was on view under the car seat.

The suspects were seen to make off on bicycles and the victim’s handbag was found later in a nearby dyke minus the purse and its contents. PC Pyle said that the victim was very distressed and needed assistance to help her home.

PC Pyle advised, “Don’t leave anything on display when you leave your car. Keep valuables away from the car or out of sight.”

Other useful advice offered previously by Humberside Police, includes:

  • don’t leave anything on display – even a jacket can seem like an appealing target for a thief
  • take valuables like laptops and sat navs with you
  • wipe away suction marks from your sat nav on the windscreen or dashboard
  • remove the stereo if you can
  • never leave the keys in the ignition
  • tuck in wing mirrors and put the aerial down to discourage vandals.

Police UK SNENPC Pyle was keen to emphasise that we still live in a safe area, but there are criminals active and we have to remain vigilant and ensure our property, homes, garages, allotments, vehicles are secure. Burglars find it much easier to break into insecure properties! An unlocked door and an open window are invitations to opportunistic criminals.

To contact Pc Pyle or the other members of the neighbourhood policing team you need to call the single non emergency number 101. You should also use this number to report a crime (in an emergency use 999) and for other information and advice.

The Police Station at New Road, Hedon is also open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 5.30pm each day.

Visit: Humberside Police – South West Holderness

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