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Damaged Odour Control Unit – important that odour complaints recorded

THIS IS a photograph of the damaged Odour Control Unit at the Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works which resulted following the fire on Wednesday morning…

THIS IS a photograph of the damaged Odour Control Unit at the Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works which resulted following the fire on Wednesday morning (19th June 2013). We have included another image of the unit taken in 2010 for comparison.

Yorkshire Water says that the fire was contained in a very small area of what is a huge site. The site was not evacuated during the fire as reported in the Hull Daily Mail and other media. The cause of the fire is still unknown and Yorkshire Water is working with Humber Fire & Rescue Service to determine this.

With the ‘pea season’ starting – it is more important than ever that odour complaints are formally passed on to: 

  • Yorkshire Water at their Customer Helpline on 0845 1 24 24 24
  • and/or East Riding Council on 01482 396301.

The full impact of the site working on just one odour control unit – albeit the big £3.5m one – has not yet been fully realised. There may be no impact at all, and we won’t notice any increase in smells? But the vigilance of local residents in promptly reporting any incident will help to tackle any major odour releases should they occur.

Whilst it may seem obvious to some that the site at Saltend smells at times, it is only formally recorded complaints that really act as evidence of this – prompt calls to the numbers above can result in investigations and remedial actions taking place more quickly.

Damaged Odour Control Unit
Odour Control Unit

Photos: Yorkshire Water

7 thoughts on “Damaged Odour Control Unit – important that odour complaints recorded

  1. I’ve just called the number, you basically get put through to their customer service centre (probably in Leeds) and after you’ve told them exactly hwere the problem is they read the press release from Matt Thompson that’s been published elsewhere on this site and promise to call back if they have more information.

    1. The good news though John, by taking the trouble to report it, it features as a formal complaint and is investigated as such. This will add to the total number of formal complaints and provides evidence of an odour problem. So many thanks for ringing it through to Yorkshire Water.

      Most complaints are coming via Facebook and lately on Twitter, but these are not counted as formal complaints unless they are rung through to the telephone numbers as well.

      We are expecting an imminent update from Yorkshire Water today.

  2. Its absolutely disgusting tonight. Yet again during a very warm spell of weather you cant open your windows due to the nauseating stench. I live on the eastern side of Hedon aswell, so I cant imagine what it must be like for those who live closer. This is absolutely unacceptable, we’ve had enough excuses now.

  3. Was very surprised to ring the number above to find that the person who I got put through to had no clue about Saltend. The person who rang me back later to apologise had clearly just read some company info about the site fire and had no knowledge of the site or the problems.

      1. It sure was, the woman in complaints I spoke to had to have me guide her to its location on a map over the phone, then said she would get someone to drive out to it to have a look to see if there was a problem !!

  4. Yorkshire Water have confirmed that they: “… would like to reassure you that we remain acutely aware of the impending pea harvesting season and that our contingency plans are being considered at the very highest levels of the company.” – Matt Thompson, Yorkshire Water.

    We will bring you more information on this later.

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