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Emergency Leaflet available in local shops

The Town Council has produced an Emergency Leaflet which is now also available in local shops while stocks last…

snow gritterEMERGENCIES – and what we would do if one occurs in the town – is something we have discussed occasionally on the Hedon Blog.

The Town Council has produced an Emergency Leaflet which was distributed with the Holderness Heartbeat. The leaflet, which we reviewed on the Blog in April, is now also available in local shops while stocks last.

Copies have been left at Calceus, John Dennis Estate Agents, Frames of Hedon, The Library, Gail’s Flower Shop – as well as the Town Hall.

Extreme weather events, flooding, pandemic flu and industrial accidents (explosion or vapour release) were all mentioned in the leaflet. And while Zombie Apocalypse and Alien invasion might be Sc Fi invention – it does not take such a stretch of the imagination to think of other Hedon scenarios that might prompt emergency plans to be implemented: The recent ‘bomb scare’ being a case in point.

In the Big Freeze of 2010 parts of Hedon were “cut off”; this was particularly felt to be the case for those with mobility problems, who found it difficult to walk/travel – if at the same time we had experienced power cuts, loss of telephones/mobile signals, or loss of water supply then we can see how an emergency situation could lead to disaster.

Life is not always predictable – we do need to prepare for the unexpected!

2 thoughts on “Emergency Leaflet available in local shops

  1. Seems the seeds of humour fell on stony ground!!

  2. This might be of interest to those concerned about zombie apocalypse (…and you know who you are!). This was a freedom of information request to the East Riding Council this month (Sept 2013):

    “Can you please let us know what provisions you have in place in the
    event of a zombie invasion? Having watched several films it is
    clear that preparation for such an event is poor and one that
    councils throughout the kingdom must prepare for.”

    The Council responded: ” I can confirm that the Council does not
    hold the information you have requested access to in relation to a Zombie


    Iain Edmiston
    Freedom of Information
    East Riding of Yorkshire Council

    See: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/preparation_for_zombie_invasions_2#outgoing-296517

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