Co-operative 800g wholemeal breadWE ARE conducting a very simple Food Prices exercise during 2013. We will be following the prices of milk, butter, bread and carrots at the big Co-op store on Hull Road, Hedon.

The newsworthy items this month are the carrots (yet again!) which were at the new price of £0.88 for 600g. More significantly, the wholemeal bread loaf went up to £0.95 – a rise of 6p. Whilst this is the first price increase for this size and type loaf all year, it probably represents a systemic rise.

On the positive size – and enough to eschew the figures – I can’t believe it’s not butter was on an offer at half-price, £0.90. Without this offer then the change since January would be a £0.74 increase in basic prices.

Item Price June 2013 Change from last month Change since Jan 2013
Milk – Co-op 1 pint  £0.50    
Margarine – I can’t believe it’s not butter (500g)  £0.90  -0.90 -0.10
Bread – Co-op Wholemeal (800g)  £0.95  +0.06  +0.06
Carrots – Co-op (*600g)  £0.88  -0.02  -0.12
Totals  £3.23
 -0.86  -0.16

*Notes: Carrots since May have been sold in 600g rather than 500g bags.

“In this continuing year of austerity, shopping carefully has become essential – particularly for those families on a tight budget.” – Hedon Blog

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