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Civic Silver to stay in Hedon

THE TOWN’S historic silver collection will remain in Hedon and will not be loaned out for permanent exhibition in Hull…

Mayor and SilverTHE TOWN’S historic and unique silver collection will remain in Hedon and will not be loaned out for permanent exhibition in Hull.

The decision, taken by the Hedon Town Council in a recorded vote last night, maintains the status quo regarding the silver; it will be locked securely away and used only for silver shows arranged exclusively by Hedon Town Council.

There had been a proposal on the table for the town silver to be on permanent display in Hull in an exhibition that would showcase the town’s unique silver alongside the Hull City Council silver and that of Hull’s Trinity House. It was believed that this would create a silver collection of international and historical significance. However, Councillors saw this as ‘giving up’ the silver collection – which had been in Hedon’s care for over 300 years – to Hull. There were also concerns about the security and safety of the collection if loaned out to a third party.

Hull City Council Chief Executive, Darryl Stephenson, had offered to come and speak to a meeting of Town Councillors about the proposal, which would involve the Trinity House Master Warden conducting a feasibility study – but the decision taken by the Hedon Town Council Property Meeting rules out any further Hedon involvement.

A recorded vote on the matter taken at the Property Meeting resulted in seven votes in favour of maintaining the status quo and two votes against.

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  1. If it is so important that the two silver collections should be together did the Hull city fathers concider the alternative of displaying the Hull silver in Hedon?

  2. As an Observer at the meeting I can confirm that no councillor voted to ‘give away our heritage’. As the Town Clerk, Mrs Richardson says below, there never was a proposal to give away ownership of the Silver.

    The offer on the table was from Hull City Council to come and present its case for the creation of a unique collection of silver that potentially could have become a major visitor attraction.

    The Hedon Town Council vote to maintain the ‘status quo’ meant that the offer of further discussions was refused.

    It seems to me that the offer from Hull City Council could have been discussed – even if only to reject any proposals. But perhaps there were also benefits to be gleaned for Hedon from any proposal? We may never know now.

    An international silver exhibition, marketed across the UK and the World utilising Hull City Council’s substantial resources (compared with those of Hedon Town Council), would in all probability have attracted cultural tourists and visitors. Some of those will have discovered Hedon!

    I do think that there is some merit in displaying the Silver at those times when it would otherwise be locked away by Hedon Town Council. When not being displayed, it is locked away.

    I agree we have to preserve our heritage for the future, but better to do that by sharing it with today’s generation – rather than locking it away out of sight and touch.

    1. i agree Ray however , why dont we share it in Hedon as mentioned by others , from what ive been told , if the silver had gone it would have more or less been on permanent loan to Hull.hence the rejection from our council, Hedon has a lot to offer in its own right as a tourist attraction the church the museum the silver collection, the haven should it ever be sorted, Our council should be pushing to get us on the tourist track , not passing out our assets to benefit other councils.

    2. Thanks for setting out the facts Ray, and to Joanna, the Town Clerk for her explanation too. We resisted becoming involved in this discussion before now, but for those who are interested, we, the undersigned are not ashamed to say, are the two councillors who thought that at least we should give the Hull City Council the opportunity of explaining their proposal.
      There you are, we’ve come out! We’ve nothing to be ashamed of.
      Nobody had any thoughts of ‘giving away our heritage’. That comment was just ridiculous.
      We think a wonderful opportunity to enhance the status and reputation of the town of Hedon has been dismissed without even seriously considering it, and we agree with you Ray, why should our wonderful silver collection be allowed to gather dust, only brought out 2 or 3 times a year for the chosen few to enjoy?
      The exhibition would have been housed, apparently in the wonderful Trinity House building and every precaution was to be taken to ensure the security of the fabulous tripartite collection of silver from Hull, Hedon, and the Trinity House itself. It would have been a very prestigeous project to have been part of, but never mind. We move on!

      Jim Lindop. Mayor of Hedon
      John Dennis. Deputy Mayor.

      1. point of order, we weren’t aware of the full facts John , i thought it was a vote to pass the silver to Hull , not to hear the case for doing so. However i do think the people of Hedon would like to retain there collection, and the council should look at ways to display it in Hedon, which in turn may generate business and interest in our little town..

        1. In Ray’s original article, the facts are very clearly set out. The word ‘loaned’ is mentioned twice, not one mention of ‘giving’.

          1. From what I understand of the meeting, initially it was tabled to “permanently” loan the Silver to Hull. After councillors objected it was asked if the council would listen to the man from Hull talk about the “permanent” loan. A vote was taken and by a majority of 7 to 2, the council decided that the silver should stay in Hedon. Now this is a done deal so to speak and the Silver stays. What I find interesting is the political manoeuvring by a certain elected official. Nothing is mentioned about a councillor who personally insulted the councillors who voted to keep the Silver in Hedon. Actions like this from an elected official in unacceptable and to be honest needs bringing to the publics attention – we vote for these people and they should be accountable to their electorate.

            Out of interest what is the difference between a “Permanent” loan and giving it away? Who on earth has to borrow back what is rightfully theirs.This loan was to be permanent!

            John Dennis,
            when you say the comment about giving away our heritage was ridiculous, who was this aimed at?

            1. Jase – I think it’s always difficult to get an overview of what happened in a meeting after the event – this is why I’ve embarked on my project to attend local council meetings (Hedon, Preston, Paull and Thorngumbald) and ‘report’ their proceedings; I can only really get a feel for what’s going on by attending and observing.

              Obviously, not everybody is able to attend council meetings – or would want to – but it is eye-opening and on occasion can rival anything that Parliament TV can offer!

              The personal insult you allude to, based on my notes, was the comment in the debate that referred to the viewpoint of ‘not wanting to hear what the Chief Executive of HCC had to say’ as “small-minded and churlish”. Was this aimed at individuals, or just the viewpoint in general? Whatever, the intention it was clear that two councillors took it personally.

              Our councillors take the issue of the Hedon Silver very seriously. At a previous meeting on the same issue, one Councillor referred to any change in the status quo as perhaps the “biggest decision” that the current councillors would ever be involved in – the weight of Hedon’s history and heritage on councillors’ shoulders is indeed great.

              It is not surprising that councillors take these things so seriously and there are clashes and differences of opinion – and yes probably political manoeuvring, personal comments that would rather have been unsaid, and conflict. It is politics albeit with a small ‘p’ after all!

              I will say that I found this particular debate pretty normal for Hedon Town Council – they have had far stormier meetings! But at the end of the day it is the outcome of meetings that people are interested in, and in this case it was to maintain the status quo: i.e. nothing changes.

              Should the nature of the discussions and debate at councils change because the public is actively watching? Now there is an interesting debate!

          2. There had been a proposal on the table for the town silver to be on permanent display in Hull, that is a quote from the article above to which i was replying.

  3. I really do believe we could do a great deal to raise the profile of Hedon and create an interest in Hedon by the Town having its own Heritage centre running along side the Haven Project.

  4. As Hedon was a Port long before Hull, how about we offer to house Hull’s silver and invest in expanding Hedon’s tourism through expanding our museum into the Town Hall?

  5. For clarification – the proposal from Hull City Council was that certain items of the Hedon Silver collection be displayed at a secure location in Hull alongside items of the Trinity House silver collection and the Hull City Council collection. This would then constitute a “national exhibition” and would hopefully attract visitors from around the UK and beyond. The items that would have been loaned from Hedon would have remained in the ownership of Hedon Town Council and legal documents would have been drawn up to reflect this – individual items could have been returned to Hedon at any time as necessary. The exhibition could only be marketed as a “national exhibition” with Hedon’s participation – it was hoped that this would raise the profile and interest in Hedon both locally and further afield.

    1. if we displayed the silver locally it would create a lot more interest, excellent decision from the council, who did vote to give away our heritage???no one seems to want to own up…haha

  6. I voted to keep the silver in Hedon – I also made a proposal (not supported) that HTC look into feasibilty of displaying some it in a secure cabinet in the Town Hall, (as they do in Hull at the Guildhall), rather than have it locked away out of sight most of the time.

  7. If Hull want it so much – they should organise and buy themselves some replicas to display and pay Hedon an annual fee for permission to do so.

  8. The Silver belongs to the people of Hedon and no one should be able to vote to take it from them without the knowledge and consent of the people of Hedon. I voted that it stay. It belongs to the people and is not the councils to give away.

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