Horsewell Pond update – April 2013

HEDON MAYOR Cllr Jim Lindop updates us on progress with the Horsewell at Ivy Lane:

Hedon Mayor Jim Lindop May 2012COUNCILLOR JIM LINDOP updates us on progress with the Horsewell at Ivy Lane:

“Following the construction of the natural filter beds at Horsewell Pond, down Ivy lane, coir mats embedded with wetland plants have been placed on top of the filters. When the plants are established, then we hope to cut the swale (shallow ditch) to take water run-off from Market Hill down the side of Ivy Lane road and through the filter beds into the pond.”

Jim Lindop Cllr and Mayor of Hedon
With many thanks to Jim for the photos:

Horsewell Pond location - Google Map
Horsewell Pond location (approximate) – Google Map

5 thoughts on “Horsewell Pond update – April 2013

  1. Follow on work at Horsewell. Contractors will be working on Horsewell Pond starting at 8am Wed morning. A representative from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will oversee the work which will be to construct the swale (shallow ditch), the soil which will be dug out will be placed on top of the coir mats which cover the natural filters to give the plants more chance to bed in. Later on in the year we need to spray and kill the nettles and place information boards to the front of the pond. So this is just another step to restore the pond.

  2. Anthony, the responsibility for the Hedon Haven rests I believe with the Haven Commisionaires, I will try to find out who they are and what they are planning

  3. right, now this has got started, whatever happened to the plan to open/reinvent Hedon Haven, anything?. being a long time Hedon resident I would dearly love something to get going along the old drain bank down to the haven, we really need something like this in Hedon, the waterway has so much promise but is neglected by all, question to jim lindopp, jim is anything still planned and if so what?

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