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Painter’s Charity seeks Trusteee

PAINTER’S CHARITY is seeking a Trustee to join the group…..

Painter Cottages built 1562 - some of Hedon's oldest surviving buildings. Unusual in that they are single storey.
Painter’s Cottages built 1562.

PAINTER’S CHARITY is seeking a Trustee to join the group.

The Trustees take care of the running and upkeep of two cottages in Hedon known as Painter’s Cottages which are let to people already residing in the town.

A priest named Painter originally bequeathed the cottages to poor widows in the 1560’s. The cottages are the oldest buildings in Hedon other than St. Augustine’s Church.

The new Trustee, who needs to reside in Hedon, would work alongside four others who have an interest in these historic buildings. As Painter’s Charity is only a small charity the work would entail meeting four times a year at the most to help maintain the cottages to a good standard and making sure that the residents are comfortable in their surroundings.

I N T E R E S T E D ?

Please contact the Chairman, Councillor Tom Goldspink At 3 Merryman Garth, Hedon. Telephone No. 01482 899180

There is also a vacancy for an Honorary Secretary which is on a voluntary basis with a small remuneration for expenses. The job would entail minute taking, correspondence, and preparing the financial report.

If you feel you would like to be involved in this Charity work, contact Councillor Goldspink.


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