NEIL EYRE is standing to be the first Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner in the election held on Thursday 15th November 2012. He will be the third of the seven candidates to visit Hedon during the election campaign.

Mr Eyre, from Scunthorpe, describes himself as the “normal guy” who is standing against “career politicians” of whom, he says, people are “sick and tired”.

According to the candidate this cynicism with establishment parties and candidates will result in a low-turnout at the election, so any new Police and Crime Commissioner will not have a public mandate.

Neil Eyre’s campaign has been financed from his own pocket, by appealing directly to the public and selling his Independent Revolution T-shirts for a tenner each to supporters. He just narrowly raised his £5,000 deposit in time to be considered a candidate in the first place.

He has used this limited funding to reach out and try to meet as many people as possible. This is what will bring him to Hedon on Tuesday 6th November 2012.

We asked Neil Eyre what he hoped to get from his visit to Hedon:

“The main reason I want to do a public meeting in Hedon is because the residents of Hedon have just as much right to put their issues, concerns and questions to me as a candidate.

I need to know what people’s issues and concerns are so if I win the election I can take them on board and introduce good solutions in the policing plan I’ll have to produce. I can’t produce a good policing plan without input from people all over the region.

Because the turnout is going to be low it is likely that who ever wins, me included, they will not have a mandate from the public, which makes it even more important that I try and have as many public meetings throughout the region. I won’t get everywhere as I have neither the time or resources but that’s no excuse for not trying.”

I hope that your readers come to Alexandra Hall and fill the room I have booked.”

Neil Eyre will be at the Alexandra Hall, St Augustine’s Gate on Tuesday 6th November at 6:00pm. 

Whether you are cynical about the elections or not, this looks like it will be the only opportunity residents in the town will get to quiz one of the candidates in a public meeting, and perhaps ironic that the candidate providing this opportunity is the one with the least funding!?

If you are planning to attend and have questions for Mr Eyre or views you’d like to express – post them here as a comment and we can pass them on to him.

There are seven candidates standing in Humberside, see our PCC Elections page for more details.

3 thoughts on “CANCELLED: “Normal Neil” takes on the politicians and seeks Hedon opinions on tackling crime

  1. Neil Eyer, stated on TV tonight hee has served in the army, would he like to tell us what regiment he served with,and for how long, i ask because his service background might help him if he wins?

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