Council to issue strongest ever warning to Yorkshire Water over offensive odours!

“Thanks to all those who signed the petition and campaigned against the smells! Your efforts have now been rewarded” – Hedon Blog

A REPORT will go before East Riding Council’s environment and regeneration overview and scrutiny committee this morning which will express the council’s “lack of confidence” in Yorkshire Water for failing to manage and control the release of offensive odours from the Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works.

The report states that the odours from the Treatment Works have been “unacceptable this year” resulting in the highest level of recorded complaints. And while the odours are expected to be significantly reduced by the completion of the new odour control unit, the council will monitor the situation and, when needed, will respond making full use of the powers it has at its disposal to protect the public.

This is expected to be the strongest ever statement from the council on this matter and a press release is expected to be released later today that will express the council’s tough position on this matter.

The report discussed today has been produced in direct response to the 2,405 strong petition that was presented to the same council committee on 21st September  2011.

The Hedon Blog would like to thank all those residents that signed the petition, whether on paper or online, and to all those who took part in the campaign to rid our communities of these offensive odours! Your efforts have now been rewarded with the strongest possible expression of support from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council – and the strongest ever warning to Yorkshire Water!

You can follow the progress of the campaign against the odours on the Hedon Blog by reading all the articles on this matter, in reverse chronological order, at the Hedon Blog at Yorkshire Water Smells.

1 thought on “Council to issue strongest ever warning to Yorkshire Water over offensive odours!

  1. As a member of the Environment and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee, I attended the meeting this morning and asked a few questions of the officer of ERYC who had written the report, and the two executives from Yorkshire Water. I, like blogmaster Ray Duffill, was concerned that the County Council Officers had relied on odour statistics from back in 2008, when, in a document that had been sent to me recently, YW admitted that the Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) odour in June 2011 was so high it was ‘off the scale’!

    Cllr. Arthur Hodgson, another one of the committee members confirmed to me (I’m not very technically minded on these matters) that H2S is, above a certain level harmful to health, particularly to asthmatics, so for readings to have gone off the scale was a bit worrying to say the least. YW say the H2S emission was not at a dangerous level and I trust they are correct in that.

    Apparently the only fully reliable information the Council officers could rely on for their report was from way back in 2008, as the readings from this year are not comprehensive enough for them to base a successful case for Statutory Nuisance.

    The Council are however prepared to take action if the problems recur again in the future so I asked officers if they could produce and circulate a standard ‘diary type’ form for residents to use next summer and send that to all the Town and Parish Councils, and to all the 1800 complainants. This will help our cause by making it easy for people, who have until now been cynical about lodging a complaint, to record incidents on a day by day, and hour by hour basis. By giving residents one of these forms it will in effect help us to help ERYC build up a strong case should the new Odour Control Unit not be up to the job.

    All we now need, hopefully, is for YW to come up with a generous community compensation package which I first called for back in August, and which they have today confirmed, is currently under serious consideration.

    I will be involved in further discussions on the matter of compensation and I’ll report progress through the Blog, probably in the new year.

    Watch this space
    John Dennis

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