Pro-active measures to safeguard against offensive odours from Saltend

SALTEND SMELLS – Update from Environment and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee held today:

The council have been reacting to complaints – but now we will put measures in place to pro-actively address the issue of odours!” 

This was the pledge made by a council officer at today’s meeting which looked at the East Riding Council’s response to the issue of foul smells from Yorkshire Water’s Waste Water Treatment Works.

Rather than waiting to see if there are any complaints about smells during – for example – the pea-harvest season next summer, the council will be actively monitoring and ‘sniffing’ them out. This may involve having an officer present in Hedon everyday during July 2012 to be a point of contact for residents – and undoubtedly to be the ‘official nose’. And, as Councillor John Dennis has suggested, residents could be sent pre-printed diary forms to record any smelly experiences with comments, dates, times and places.

Yorkshire Water Odour Control Unit -'major change'

Yorkshire Water have also expressed a desire to act in a pro-active way on their odour problems by developing a new ‘odour management plan’. They maintain that the new odour control unit will result in major change, but additionally they are investing in new processes that will see ‘peak loads’ (of sewage) being predicted and treated to avoid odour incidents.

Chairman of the Committee John Wilkinson said that the Report was a “very positive response” to the odour issues – but reiterated that if future evidence of odours was found, or provided by residents, then the council would use all its powers to hold Yorkshire Water to account.

Ann Suggit as Ward Councillor summed up the views of many residents as she spoke directly to Yorkshire Water: “We are holding our breath for improvements. We’ve had a hell of a time with this over the last 11 years. If there are further problems you can guarantee we will be in touch.”

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