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Places to read the Hedon Blog news ‘feed’

LINKS ARE THE ‘BREAD & BUTTER’ of any website. Links to other websites are included to impart sources of useful information to readers. While incoming links are a sign that a webmaster or blogger values the things that you might say.

The best links are those that publish a little bit about your website and encourage people to visit (see RSS subscribers below).

News Feed from Humber TV

The Hedon Blog benefits from incoming links from many sources, a few of which are mentioned here. We thank them all for their continuing support in encouraging people to read the Hedon Blog.

Graham Stuart the Beverley and Holderness MP is probably our most influential subscriber at www.grahamstuart.com. You can read the Hedon Blog in the left-hand sidebar on that website. The leader of Hull City Council Carl Minns also features the Hedon Blog feed on his personal blog Carl Minns – Thoughts from Hull.

Professional Photographer Neil Holmes subscribes to the Hedon Blog feed and keeps in touch on a regular basis. He publishes a link to us at his photo blog in his Blogroll at Neil Holmes Photographer.

Rightmoveplaces is our latest feed subscriber and publisher. The giant property website Rightmove has published the new places website to help property hunters get to know an area (the location of your new home perhaps!?) a little better. See Rightmoveplaces: Hedon reviews and articles.

Humber.TV the local online LIVE television streaming and on demand website also publishes the Hedon Blog feed (see picture).

If you publish the Hedon Blog news feed – then let us know! Leave a comment below!

NOTE: ‘RSS subscribers’
are those websites and bloggers that use a feed to read articles. For example if you click one of the following on the Hedon Blog; RSS Posts or RSS Comments and copy the website address that appears in your address bar, then you can get special feed-reader programs and services (like iGoogle and Google Reader) which allow people to read the Blog headlines easily without necessarily having to visit the website. This saves time for busy people who just want to read the relevant material of interest to them. See the article on the BBC Website News feeds from the BBC for more information.

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