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More ‘bad smell’ reports – Council considers action!

Read more on HU12.net about this.

5 thoughts on “More ‘bad smell’ reports – Council considers action!

  1. Sick to death of driving down Hedon Road and smelling that fowl stench, surley the council must act and protect it’s residents from this?

  2. i was woken in the middle of the night by the smell which had permeated by bedroom and bathroom it was dreadful. i rang yorkshire watwr at 2am to complain and have complained to the council as well. its not acceptable that we have to live with this

  3. In other areas the water board are fined for not working within the correct parameters , im sure if they introduced something similar here then they may start to address the problem, councillors should be kicking up more of a fuss not attending for tea and sandwiches on a regular basis, …When are local councillors going to address the issues…im sick of hearing ile look into it, its not my area…. your area is to address local issues on behalf of local people ….and get changes made ……£10000 a year for very little work is how it seems to me .

  4. the smell coming from the centre is disgusting we had to close all the windows last night and i could not sleep the smell was that bad you carnt even enjoy a bit of sun or bbq as i would not invite friends round it needs sorting out ….

  5. Its absolutely disgusting, only last night once again did I have to close my windows regardless of the heat because of the foul stench from the water plant. The problem with reporting and recording is it seems a waste of time, regardless of how many times it is reported nothing is seen to be done to rectify this. I noticed the latest figures were made to look like the smell has not been outreaching albeit at the same time people are not bothering to report anymore, Why should we have to live with this foul stench, a stench which we are constantly informed will be ever decreasing, Mmmm, I dont think so.

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