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Wonderful miniature exhibition!

THE EXHIBITION of miniature homes and furniture at Hedon Museum reveals the passion, patience and skill that undoubtedly must make up the members of the Hull based Fantasia Dolls House Club.

Note: Not from the exhibition

A Victorian terrace is the centrepiece of the display with nine uniquely designed miniature properties each with its own furniture, wallpaper and household decoration – in particular look out for the house that incorporates the clever use of a mirror!

An equally impressive exhibit is the replication of a craft show at Preston Village Hall. The tiny cakes, vegetables, artwork and props made from polymer clay and other modelling materials are painstakingly painted in miniature and are truly wonderful!

There is also a display from the Dolls House Club Members’ latest project, which was to design a ‘scene in a box’.

Once again Hedon Museum has staged a marvellous exhibition that deserves more people to go and see it! So…. Go and see it!

The exhibition finishes on September 8th

Opening Times:

Saturday 10am to 4pm

Wednesday 10am to 4pm

Link: Hedon Museum

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