THE ROOSTER is the Roos Parish Newsletter. The publication, produced by volunteers since 2006, aims to provide a record of the community life of the village near Withernsea.

The Rooster is now in its 181st edition but has warned that it may cease publication unless it finds a volunteer to print the newsletter. The Rooster Association Committee has recently invested in a laser printer which has saved money, but after three years in the job the current volunteer who operates the printer is retiring from that particular role.

In its current editorial The Rooster describes the volunteer’s role which takes place once a month:

Usually 550 copies of The Rooster are printed: The process takes about six hours overall, though the operator does not need to be in constant attendance. The operator will not be asked to assemble and staple the pages. All expenses (including the cost of materials) will be met from the Association`s funds. What we are seeking is a person who owns a computer and will offer to use our laser printer to print the pages from a disc (or e-mail) supplied; inform the Committee promptly of any problems (e.g. sickness or holiday dates).”

Ideally volunteers should be familiar with laser printers but this is not essential as training will be given. What is required is technical competence and willingness to offer about six hours of time each month.

The newsletter emphasises that the need to replace this volunteer is urgent and those interested should contact the Rooster: Details can be found in the current edition which can be viewed here at ROOSTER MAY 2010.

Community newsletters are a vital source of communication in any village or small town. They ensure that those without access to the internet can receive information about community groups and events; and in many cases they provide the only platform for local groups to promote their activities.

Let us hope that The Rooster continues to crow about Roos!

Back issues of The Rooster are available at the Roos Parish Council website.

2 thoughts on “Will Rooster crow no more?

  1. The Holderness Gazette reports today 24th March 2011, that The Rooster in Roos may continue! The meeting called to close The Rooster down voted to continue the publication and elected a new Committee!

    Hurrah! Long may The Rooster keep on crowing!

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