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South Holderness Cricket Club

HEDON IS LUCKY to boast its own cricket ground. There is nothing quite like the sound of the thwack! of the cricket ball against the willow bat piercing an otherwise peaceful day, followed by an excited cry of “HOWZAAT!!!” It’s such a so-very English sound! Although I’m sure many Australians, Sri Lankans and Indians would dispute this!

Hedon is home territory to the South Holderness Cricket Club which plays at Middle Lane. The Club is always on the lookout for new players, young and old and those interested can contact the club via the details listed on its website (highlighted above). You can also follow news from the club via its new Facebook Page.

The Club is also currently conducting a campaign to raise funds to demolish and rebuild its old pavilion.

Club Welfare Officer, Wendy Swales says that the Club needs to raise approximately £50,000 to do this.

We wish the Club well with this campaign and look forward to promoting ways that local Hedon folk might be able to help.

Long live the sound of the Thwack!

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