A NEW GUIDE has been published for the benefit of local Councillors which encourages them to take advantage of new ‘social media’ (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc). The Connected Councillors guide aims to help support Councillors to create local spaces for ‘community conversation’ and to help them communicate with the people they represent.

Increasingly people expect local government to provide its services online with the same level of interactivity that they find elsewhere. Many councillors are already interacting online with the people they represent. In fact we should probably expect our representatives to be available in this way.

The Hedon Blogger recently met Independent Parish Councillor Sean Brady who is quoted in the Guide and runs his own Blog at Formby First.

When I started with my blog FormbyFirst it was little like firing an arrow into the sky. I was never sure whether anyone would actually notice. Then the local newspaper started to follow up some of my blog entries. Stories both personal and in my capacity as a councillor started to appear in print. My bowling club colleagues started to comment on the frequency of what was being featured! All in all, in my view, social media in local government have a clear future ahead. My advice is ‘pick up your bow and start firing the odd arrow or two!’.”

So Councillors can blog and provide a useful service.

So what about our local Councillors for the South West Holderness Ward?

If any of them are interested in dipping their feet into the world of Blogging then the Hedon Blog can offer a Councillor’s Page. Each Councillor who wished to, could be shown how to submit an article onto the Hedon Blog. They would have complete editorial control of everything they wished to publish about their activities on behalf of the town.

So… any takers? What do other people think?

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