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Election Snippets: 21st April

Election 2010: More musings from the candidates (click their names for full statements):

Graham Stuart (pdf file) on Education and Skills: Young people are among the biggest victims of Labour’s economic mismanagement, with almost 900,000 not in any kind of job or training, says Beverley and Holderness Conservative candidate Graham Stuart.

He said a Conservative government would not accept another generation being consigned to an uncertain future of worklessness and dependency.

Graham said: “Our plans to deliver an extra 400,000 training opportunities over the next two years will ensure everyone gets the good start they deserve.”

Bill Rigby on Immigration: This will be the first of a few postings on the issue, ‘cos it is a mite complicated. The Green Party manifesto devotes just over a page to the topic (pp 45,46).
In one sense we can say it’s quite simple, really. In brief, Greens will

  • be fair to all,
  • meet our international obligations,
  • sort out the issues which are causing people to want to move here, and therefore lessen the demand
  • sort out the mess inherited from the existing system, and
  • make sure children, particularly, are treated humanely.

Neil Whitelam on British culture:

Our learning curve has been the largest of all nations, our collective suffering and sacrifice living through countless wars, natural disasters, famines, disease and squalor to nurture this country from the dark ages to present day justifies our demands for a standard of living that we as a nation and people deserve.

What we do not deserve is our culture , our hard fought gains and national wealth to be squandered and flushed down the toilet.

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