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Openly Local about East Riding of Yorkshire Council

OpenlyLocal is a website that aims to help make local government more transparent. By using different sources of ‘free-to-use’ government and other public data it builds up a picture of a local council or ward area.

Have a look at the OpenlyLocal entry for the East Riding Council and then for Council Services. Try putting in your post code: See the example based on post-code HU12 8EX.

The website even contains some information about local websites!

Eventually OpenlyLocal will contain a list of forthcoming East Riding Council committee meetings and the Hedon Blog will be able to easily share and bring that information to your attention.

A special website tool (it’s called a widget!) is available to make the task of using OpenlyLocal easier directly from local blogs and community websites. Unfortunately the Hedon Blog can’t use that tool but we can over on HU12.net – have a look at the top-right side-bar.

The advantage of OpenlyLocal is that it is easy to use and search. Perhaps this can not always be said for council websites?



East Riding of Yorkshire Council Website


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