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ELECTION 2010: THE BBC POLITICS SHOW has featured a debate on Energy and Waste which included Beverley and Holderness Conservative candidate Graham Stuart.

Here are some snippets taken from Graham Stuart’s comments on the programme that indicate his policy positions on three key issues. But what do you think?

NUCLEAR POWER: Government advisers have said that black-outs could take place as early as 2016. Without nuclear power we can not deliver our energy needs. We need to speed up the process to get nuclear power stations on to the national grid as soon as possible.

WIND TURBINES: Objections to wind turbines from local people have been overturned and the issue has divided local communities. Change should not be forced on local communities. We must let them have their say!

RE-CYCLING: Government should use its procurement power (i.e. the power to buy and commission services – Ed) to support the use of re-cycled materials. We should reward people for re-cycling rather than fine them for not!

Would you like to hear what the other candidates have to say on these issues?

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