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Today we are pleased to present Lorraine Ellis (Flo) who writes: “Please find a little poem I have written about Bond’s estate Hedon (Bonnie) before it was Inmans. I loved living down there and I thought that maybe some of your readers especially those who lived down the old lane would enjoy it.”

Many thanks for the poem, Lorraine!

The summer days were long and filled with laughter.

Bonnie (for Maud)
It was lovely down the old lane.
I lived there when I was but a bain.
Sometimes when lying in my bed.
I close my eyes and I’m back again.

I’m walking miles up drain bank,
Picking wild flowers with my friend Elaine.
I know my mam will love them.
She’ll smile and say they’re grand.

I can see Silver the beautiful white horse,
He’s standing on Shan’s land.
I talk to him for a while.
He knows every word I say,
He nods his head wisely,
And gives a little neigh.

The sun is warm on my back.
I walk down the path,
to the bungalow on bushes corner.
It’s like a little goodie shop,
They have a little trade,
I buy myself some goodies
and a bottle of delicious lemonade.

I’m going to see my grandma
Her bungalow is called Navilda.
Her garden’s full of flowers and bees,
And plum, pear and apple trees.

Suddenly I see a flash of pink,
Heading down the lane.
I chuckle out loud,
Iris Kemp’s pig has escaped again!

And everyday’s a sunny one,
With so many nice places to play.
Den making and tree climbing.
is often the order of the day.
In the surrounding meadows and fields,
Little wild ponds are dotted.
We often fish for tiddlers and newts,
Me, my friends and my big brother Gra.


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