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Preston protest against rat run

Preston protest held during ‘rush hour’: Up to 30-40 residents formed a protest group on the narrow pathways adjacent to Kirk Road tonight.

A PROTEST against rat-running traffic took place at ‘rush hour’ in Preston tonight (Thursday 16 September 2021).

Preston protest: Up to 30-40 residents formed a protest group on the narrow pathways adjacent to Kirk Road tonight. Held during the two hours of ‘rush hour’ the protest highlighted the misuse of Kirk Road. The road connects Main Street with Rectory Lane but is an access only route. However, the access-only rule is widely ignored. A Preston parish councillor said, that in his own personal observations, up to 50 vehicles had used the road in a previous rush hour. Tonight, however, the protest largely deterred any misuse of the road.

Whilst Kirk Road was the focus of tonight’s protest, it was part of the wider Preston R.A.T.S. campaign to highlight the unacceptable traffic flow through the village and its consequences. The current problems with congestion encourages motorists and other vehicles to take shortcuts through the small village roads. Pending industrial and other developments in wider South West Holderness threaten to bring even bigger traffic flows and increasing traffic problems into the village.

Some of the already existing traffic issues were highlighted tonight as larger vehicles struggled to proceed along the narrow main road between parked vehicles. At one point three tractors and trailers almost brought traffic to a stand-still as smaller oncoming vehicles performed ever-more-complex manoeuvres to let the larger vehicles pass. This and other similar daily occurring incidents have been caught on video and camera by residents and will be used as evidence in the village campaign for lasting solutions.

The organisers of tonight’s protest were delighted with the response from local residents in attending the protests. More will be planned to show support in the village for change. The hi-vis jackets worn by the protesters were adapted with campaign slogans; one read ‘PRESTON. E.R.Y.C.’s FORGOTTEN VILLAGE. NOT ANY LONGER‘. A very apt slogan indeed!

Preston protest

“ERYC thinks that there isn’t a problem with traffic in Preston and tell us that we aren’t any worse off than a lot of other villages. We need to let them know our feelings. If you want to be involved please e-mail prestontrafficgroup@gmail.com.”

Preston R.A.T.S.
Preston protest RATS

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  1. The Pictures speak for themselves – a traffic nightmare. ERYC completely ignore the Quality of Life of Preston Residents or the AIR QUALITY in Preston Main Street. Thank you for highlighting these concerns for us Ray.

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