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Hedon Town Council response to the Boundary Commission

THE RESPONSE from Hedon Town Council to proposed parliamentary constituency boundary changes has been agreed. With the perceived ‘expansion plans’ of Hull bringing ‘industry right up to Hedon’s boundaries’ the council has registered its complete opposition to South West Holderness being taken into the Hull East constituency.

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THE RESPONSE to the Boundary Commission from Hedon Town Council, to proposed parliamentary constituency boundary changes, has been agreed.

With the perceived ‘expansion plans’ of Hull bringing ‘industry right up to Hedon’s boundaries’ the council has registered its complete opposition to South West Holderness being taken into the Hull East constituency.

The main text of Hedon Town Council’s response:

As requested in your recent boundary change notification papers, Hedon Town Council has considered the impacts of the proposals in detail. We wish to comment as far as the matter relates to the ward of South West Holderness (SWH) being taken into the Hull East constituency, and how that would impact on the market town of Hedon.

Firstly, this is not the first, or presumably the last time that such a proposal has been considered by the Boundaries Commission. As in our previous responses, this Council and many of our residents have fears over how this change would adversely impact on our Town and the entire area of this Ward.

The Council unanimously supported the opinion of the local residents in a major East Riding referendum held in 2014. The final vote was that 75% of the qualifying residents participated, being around 50,000 people, at both sides of the city. Of those, 96.5% said ‘No’ when asked the question ‘Do you want to live in an expanded city of Hull’.

The residents of SWH had spoken in no uncertain terms. That was their opinion at the time and nothing has changed to alter their decision. They, and this Council, fully concur. We do not want, in any way, to be considered as part of the City of Hull, whether that be in a political or geographical way.

We in SWH appreciate the benefits of living in this beautiful rural Ward and wish it to stay that way. Many, who were originally Hull residents, chose to come back to Hedon to enjoy a country environment. Once here they did not move back.

For many years this region as a whole has been contained in the rural constituency of Beverley and Holderness and our residents wish it to remain a country area incorporating our historic town.

The number of residents of our Ward of South West Holderness is very thinly spread yet we occupy an area considerably larger than the existing East Hull constituency. Since 2011, when we objected to a similar proposal, the Ward of SWH has changed considerably, but not for the better.

The expansion plans of the City of Hull have benefitted by virtue of two major planning approvals in the last few years. An area of 453 acres, which admittedly had been ‘Allocated for Industry’ in the 2016 Local Plan, was approved for development. It is to be an extension of the City’s dockland estate. Please note, however, that this extension is entirely in SWH. It brings industry right up to Hedon’s boundaries, and the farmland that used to keep us separate from the city, will be gone forever.

Additionally, just across the main road into Hull, another area of 200 Acres was approved as an ‘Energy Park’ to include a Gas Fired Power Plant and other industrial uses. This site however was NOT allocated in the Local Plan. Importantly it constitutes the only remaining buffer zone between the two communities of Hull and Hedon, and provided protection from the city’s industry. The rural benefits of living in SWH are already under threat by these developments.

Having considered the various issues involved, Hedon Town Council wishes to register that it is completely opposed to the area of SWH being taken into and becoming part of the Hull East Constituency.

We understand that you are looking to have alternative rearrangements to consider. A much more acceptable arrangement is made by transferring sections of the Hull North Constituency and Bilton into Hull East. They are already contiguous with the existing constituency and have an urban feel. They have far more in common with Hull East than our Ward would ever have.

Hedon Town Council. Dated: 23 July 2021.

To look at the proposals and have your say in the consultation (by NEXT MONDAY 2 August 2021), visit the links below.


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  1. I completely agree with Hedon Town council. I live in a rural area by choice and want to remain as such. My fear is that should this boundary change go ahead, the city will take precedence over the rural aspect of the area and simply see our green fields as ways to expand the city boundaries. Lets keep our villages as villages. The City can expand along the M62 corridor taking the city towards other areas of population not East and away from other areas of population.
    Instead of changing the boundaries to facilitate the voting system, why not change the voting system so that my vote counts for the party and not the local elected official.

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