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Town Council funding support for Ruben’s Voice concert

THE RUBEN’S VOICE CONCERT planned for Saturday 21 August 2021 has received financial backing from Hedon Town Council.

THE RUBEN’S VOICE CONCERT planned for Saturday 21 August 2021 has received financial backing from Hedon Town Council.

Ruben’s Voice has been set up by Katy Smith and seeks to establish a range of ongoing activities to help prevent teenage depression and suicide. It aims to promote better mental health for all. A concert is being held at Ketwell Lane Playing Field and Katy intends it to be a major family event that can help bring people in the town together.

Ruben's Voice Concert
At Ketwell Lane, Hedon

Katy’s son, Ruben Ferrol, tragically took his own life in April. The concert will celebrate Ruben’s life, but will also serve a wider role in raising awareness of teenage suicide. Katy hopes that other young people can learn from what happened to Ruben. The message from the concert should be one of hope to people who are struggling or unwell; no matter how dark things can seem, there are always those that can help. And it is okay to ask for help.

Ruben’s Voice is expected to continue as an independent charitable organisation, but for the purposes of getting the concert arranged quickly, it is working in partnership with the established Amy Black Community Centre. And it’s to that organisation that Hedon Town Council has awarded grant funding of £2,000 for the staging and lighting of the concert.

Speaking at the Hedon Town Council meeting last night, Councillor Steve Gallant explained that a council Working Group had met with Katy to discuss the event: “It’s a very well planned event,” he told the meeting, “it has lots of local support. And it’s got professional help too.”

Hedon Town Council hasn’t planned and budgeted for such a substantial donation, so the grant funding will come from the council’s reserves. The Town Clerk, Judith Macklin, explained that local government legislation allows for such payments to be made for entertainment and arts. It is grant funding, so the recipients have to report back on the expenditure with receipts.

The organisation of the Ruben’s Voice concert has acted as a local catalyst bringing together organisations and individuals behind a common cause. It is heartening to see such a ‘can do’ attitude from those supporting the initiative. There has been a marvellous response through Facebook to Ruben’s Voice. And as it reaches out further than that social network, then the positive momentum and support behind the concert and the organisation can only get stronger.

Visit: Ruben’s Voice on Facebook

Can you help? Email rubensvoice@outlook.com.

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  1. Thank you so much for your support and kindness, spreading the word of what we are trying to achieve for our community. Together I’m certain we can really make a difference to those who need us. I’m humbled and incredibly proud to be a part of this. Massive thanks to the hundreds of people who have helped so far. Everyone is welcome xx

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