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Crematorium appeal: Opportunity to end local Preston traffic chaos

Councillor John Dennis in his speech today as South West Holderness representative will ask the council for additional investments in the local highways network as a planning condition of granting permission to build the new crematorium.

AN APPEAL will be made today to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Committee to use the opportunities presented by the building of the new crematorium on Lelley Road to tackle Preston’s historic traffic congestion problems.

Councillor John Dennis in his speech as ward representative of the local South West Holderness area will ask the council for additional investments in the local highways network as a planning condition of granting permission to build the crematorium. The speech will describe the industrial creep from Hull that has affected the local area over decades giving rise to the traffic pressure on local roads particularly through Preston village centre but also in Hedon. He’ll comment on the recent planning activity which threatens to expand industry in Preston Parish from the existing 350 acres, to around 1,000 acres in total.

In what looks set to be an emotional appeal, the Conservative Councillor and the former leader of the ‘Hands off our boundaries’ campaign, who is in favour of the crematorium in principle, will ask for a sympathetic hearing about Preston’s traffic problems from the applicant which is the East Riding Council itself:

“For a change, we’re not dealing with some faceless developer or architect from out of town. Those people have never heard of Preston and have no knowledge of its traffic nightmare. This is, of course, an application by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, our own Authority, on land already in our ownership, as are the surrounding roads. Can we possibly hope for a more sympathetic approach from ‘the applicant’ than we would normally expect, and can this be the basis for some really meaningful talks on the Authority providing us with the road improvements?”

Councillor Dennis will ask for early discussions “on the long-awaited Preston Bypass” and that some of the monies generated historically for the East Riding through the industrialisation of the local area now begin to be used in the local area. “This crematorium application is an ideal opportunity for payback time,” he will say whilst appealing to colleagues and council members to ‘grasp the nettle’ and address the traffic problems and make the necessary road improvements.

As part of his presentation Councillor Dennis will show a set of slides that show typical traffic events in Preston in normal times i.e. prior to the Coronavirus pandemic.

A typical traffic scene through Preston village c/o Cllr. Dennis.

Find out more about the crematorium planning application at the East Riding Public Access website and search for reference: 20/03564/STPLF.

You can watch the Planning Meeting and Councillor John Dennis giving his speech at the meeting today at 2pm on the East Riding Council Committee Meetings channel on YouTube.

There are other views regarding the planning application to build the Lelley Fields Crematorium, which we summarise here:

Holderness Labour has discussed the plan for a Crematorium on Lelley Road and is broadly supportive of the idea. Steve Gallant, Labour’s candidate for South West Holderness, said “I think most people would welcome having a facility in the area instead of families having to go to Chants Ave or Willerby”. There are issues with the plan though. Mainly there is no plan to deal with the traffic this will cause. Steve Gallant says “Access to the Crematorium is straight off the Lelley Road, which has a 60 mph speed limit – hardly suitable for funeral cortege’s to make safe and dignified entry and exit from the site! Also, if there are 60 or 70 funerals a week it will just add to the current traffic problems, particularly through Preston, but also Hedon. No provision has been made to alleviate this at all”.

The Liberal Democrats are supportive of the Crematorium and have also highlighted the need to address the traffic problems in Preston, but the Lib Dems cast doubt on the business viability of the project.

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2 thoughts on “Crematorium appeal: Opportunity to end local Preston traffic chaos

  1. East Riding Council has issued a press release:

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Planning Committee has approved planning permission to build a new crematorium in Holderness.

    The proposals for the new facility, off Lelley Road, near Preston, were considered by the committee at its meeting today (Thursday, 25 February) and is the latest milestone in the project after the business case was approved by the council’s cabinet earlier in the month.

    The development will offer people a fitting and sensitive place to commemorate their loved ones, with planned features including a new woodland, a memory walk and other areas for remembrance and celebration.

    Further details of the project can be found at https://bereavementservices.eastriding.gov.uk/

    Councillor Richard Burton, leader of the council, said: “I am delighted that the planning committee has supported this proposal. It is a much-needed facility which will reduce the amount of distance and time residents of Holderness need to travel and will provide the opportunity for their loved ones to be laid to rest closer to where they live.”

  2. Planning permission for the crematorium was approved at the Planning Committee this afternoon. But the committee did make a statement as to the need for an ‘urgent strategic review’ to take place into the historic highways and traffic problems in and around Preston.

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