IF YOU are new to the area, or if you just need a reminder, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a quick and easy way fo you to find out when you need to put your wheelie bins out, and which one (green, blue or brown).

By visiting the council’s dedicated web page you can find out about when and where to place your bin, how to get a bin reminder and information about missed collections. You can also download a PDF (printable) calendar of the collection dates for your home.

Finding you bin collection information:

Step 1: Visit www.eastriding.gov.uk/environment/bins-rubbish-recycling/bins-and-collections/bin-collection-dates/

Step 2: Scroll down the page to reach ‘When or where should I put my bin out?

You normally are advised to put your bin out on the street at the edge of your property by 7am on the morning of your collection day. If you live on a farm or have a private ten-foot, you must place your bins at the collection point agreed with the council. This is usually at the nearest point to the public road.

Enter your postcode as directed and then find your address at the pop-up list. The dates of your next bin collections will be shown – also you have the option to download a Bin Calendar for your home for the year. Note: Your Calendar Code.

Text Message Reminder Service:

You can sign up to the text reminder service which will send you reminders for all your different bins the night before they are due to be collected. The messages usually come with useful advice too: Example: “Flowers from Valentine’s Day can be placed loose into your brown bin when finished. Please remove all cellophane or bows first thank you. BROWN BIN REMINDER.

Get your calendar code as above. Then text your ‘calendar code’ to 07507 307088. You can stop receiving text messages by texting STOP followed by your ‘calendar code’ (without spaces).

For those who prefer to contact the council for information by telephone, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council call centre is (01482) 393939.

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