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Hedon Blog – Now a teenager!

JUST a little note to mark the 12th Anniversary of this website. And perhaps our transformation into stroppy teenager!?

JUST a little note to mark the 12th Anniversary of this website.

It was on February 5th 2009 that the Hedon Blog was created – perhaps the word ‘born’ is better as it sums up my emotional attachment to the website. It was set up with no real aims and was an attempt to look at my home town and the local area with new, fresh eyes after a recent redundancy – more of a hobby really. We had 212 views on the 26 posts we published that whole month. That compares with over 3,000 views in the first 5 days of February 2021.

The role now is that of a hyperlocal news website concentrating on the ‘very local issues’ in the area. It’s a citizen journalist enterprise and proud to be part of the Independent Community News Network.

Hedon Blog (now HU12 Online of course although it’s the same WordPress website) has grown, shrunk, morphed and warped during those 12 years. But I like to think that it has always had the interests of local communities firmly at its heart and tries to offer a balanced on positive narrative on most things. Our byline ‘Better informed, engaged, and active local communities’ sums it up. Provide the information, encourage participation and through the involvement of more people in community life, we’ll make it a better place.

We’re now moving into our 13th year of operation and perhaps that may be our ‘stroppy teenager’ phase. Like most teenagers, I need help and support. Unlike most teenagers, I’m more than willing to accept it!

Logo by Glenn Stallard

Blogging was quite ‘state-of-the-art’ in 2009. But since launching into the latest phase of HU12 Online’s development I’ve had to re-learn how to ‘blog’ as a result of upgrades to the software – and that hasn’t been easy! Traditional reporting with pen and paper and rapid notetaking has become more difficult due to a health problem (nothing serious but the state of my handwriting is a first step to qualifying as a doctor!). And readers and viewers are demanding more video-based material to view on their phones and tablets. And my concentration-levels to learn new skills and tackle all this, are not what they once were. Yes! Help is definitely needed by this teenager!

Finally, just to say thank you to those that have read, watched, commented, sent in news, articles and stories over those 12 years. Please continue to do so. As well as informing our very-local audience, our material is often picked up by bigger media organisations which help spread the news.

Ray Duffill

4 thoughts on “Hedon Blog – Now a teenager!

  1. You guessed it! Hello after all this time – it’s good to know that members of my tutor group have done well for themselves. I was contacted by N F a couple of years ago and I know he’s in Paull so once things are back to normal we’ll have to arrange a reunion. I’m sure there’ll be lots to catch up on. My husband is a keen photographer and is really looking forward to joining Viewfinders. Hope you’ve been healthy throughout all this and that it’s not too long before we can have a good chat.

  2. Having only moved to Hedon in August of last year and having been confined to quarters by lockdown for most of that time, HU12 Online has proved an interesting and effective way to find out about the town and its people. Hopefully, when we get the opportunity to actually meet someone, we will at least be aware of what Hedon has to offer. Can I congratulate you on your informative, well structured articles although I understand that you attended an excellent high school with an outstanding English teacher/form tutor.

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