A decision (4 February 2020) has been reached on the planning application to demolish the old Post Office building and replace it with two business units and two first floor flats. 

Permission has been REFUSED based upon concerns that the proposed replacement building, with its “uncharacteristic modern features, and of greater height, bulk, mass, and prominence,” would “ detract “from the character and appearance of the historic Market Place…”, while the existing building has “a ‘neutral’ heritage impact upon the conservation area,” it “has positive design elements”.

Whilst not opposed to demolition in principle, the planning officer’s report states that there needs to be ‘satisfactory justification’ for the loss of the existing building. While officers had identified benefits of the application in providing new commercial units and accommodation, it was considered that the proposal would fail to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Hedon conservation area.

Note: The above is a summary of the detailed planning officer’s Report (35 pages) and the Decision Notice (3 pages), both of which are available at the East Riding Planning Access web portal, search for planning reference 20/01029/PLF.

One thought on “Plan for old Hedon Post Office – REFUSED.

  1. why not just alter the inside and leave the outside the same new buildings do not belong in a historic old town it is destroying history

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