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Old Post Office and old HSBC buildings, Hedon.

FOLLOWING concern expressed on our Facebook Page at the appearance of boards in the windows of the old Post Office and HSBC buildings in Market Place, Hedon then we discover what’s happening with both. Photo taken 3 years ago in Feb 2017.

February 2017.

FOLLOWING concern expressed on our Facebook Page at the appearance of boards in the windows of the old Post Office and HSBC buildings in Hedon’s Market Place, we discover what’s happening with both.

Old Post Office:
A planning application has been submitted to demolish the former post office 7 Market Place and build a new two-storey structure comprising two new business units on the ground floor, and two one-bedroomed flats on the second floor. The post office, although a distinctive building, was (according to the applicant) built in the 1990’s so although it falls within the Hedon Conservation Area it is not a listed building so not afforded the same heritage protection.

This was discussed by Hedon Town Council recently (12 November 2020) who reiterated their objection to the application citing that the proposed development had the potential to impact upon the character and appearance of the Hedon Conservation Area. The council also objected to the description of the existing building as ‘derelict’ in one of the supporting documents. In its original objection, the council states: “It is most definitely not derelict. The previous owner maintained and decorated the building diligently up to 2019 when it was sold on and at that time it was in excellent condition.”

The applicant has stated that the development will have no negative impact on the surrounding area as the changes to the shop front are similar to the existing and the rear extension cannot be seen from the street, the extension and plant area can be seen from the church and from Distaff Lane, however, the material finish and timber fencing will ensure the development is a vast improvement to the existing situation.

The application has received the support of prominent local traders in the area who welcome activities to stimulate additional economic regeneration of the town centre.

The application is currently progressing through the planning process. Hedon Town Council has said that should the Planning Officer not agree with the Town Council’s recommendation to refuse the application, it should be put before the Planning Committee for a decision.

The planning application 20/01029/PLF can be tracked at the East Riding Planning Access web portal.

Old HSBC building:
The old HSBC building at 9 Market Place is being offered for sale for an asking price of £250,000 although agents Boulton Cooper say that renting out the property may be an option. Having been a former bank then the use of the building for similar purposes is an option but the change of use for retail purposes would also be permitted. The property is not currently listed under any planning considerations notified to the East Riding planning access website.

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Background: Development in Hedon takes into consideration the Hedon Conservation Area (pdf) appraisal conducted in 2006. Hedon was first designated a Conservation Area in 1969 but the 2006 re-survey is the current guiding document (albeit the document indicates that re-surveys should take place every 5 years).

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    1. Phil – the mid-1990’s reference comes from the Design and Access statement by the applicant’s agent: “Built in the mid 90s 7 market place is clearly visible within the square but looks out of place largely due the front elevation…” Cllr Dennis has said that the town council thinks it was more 1950s. I’ve amended the article to say “according to the applicant”.

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